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January 19, 2021

Meet Juli

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Meet Juli - 22 - Business Development Intern

Hello everyone! It’s that time again - we would like you to meet one of our precious team members. 😍 We’d like you to meet Juli, our new member of the Business Development Team.

Juli joined our team in mid-December and we couldn’t be happier to have her on board. Keep on reading in order to learn more about her road to edyoucated. Despite spilling the beans about working side by side with co-founder Marius she also has some valuable tips for anyone out there starting as a new member of a remote team! 💪

Hi Juli! ☀️ First of all, Happy New Year! So glad you had the chance to sit down with us today. Let’s dive right in: could you tell us a bit about yourself? Anything that we just have to know about?

Hey everyone & thanks for the kind invitation :). I’m Juli and I’m studying business administration in my sixth semester at the University of Mannheim. I’m currently supporting edyoucated as a Business Development Intern in Sales & Marketing and I’m super happy about the opportunity to work with such a cool team. Generally speaking, I’m a very open-minded and curious person and love to learn new things and broaden my horizons that way. For me, there is hardly anything that makes me as happy as traveling. Discovering new places and beautiful landscapes, meeting kind people, the feeling of freedom and collecting unique moments. I could continue this dreamy list endlessly. But instead of giving further expression about my wanderlust, I decided to tell you a little more about myself. 😇  One thing that probably sets me apart from most people is that I am an identical twin. Even though both of us, our family and our closest friends think that we don’t look that similar, it does happen from time to time that we are mistaken for each other. We may have taken advantage of this a time or two, but I guess I should better not go into further detail here haha. 🤫

Meet Juli

Sounds super cool! So how exactly did you get here in the first place? How did your personal road to edyoucated look like?

When I was looking for an internship in a cool start-up, I first became aware of edyoucated via LinkedIn. The team made a very likeable impression and in particular the vision edyoucated is pursuing immediately caught my attention and excited me. My first impression was not misleading, but was confirmed in my interview with Marius. A week later, he called me and asked me to support edyoucated as business development intern. Unlike most of the others, I didn’t know any members of the team and also hadn’t had the opportunity to get intern experience in a start-up before. I was given a super warm welcome and felt like a valued part of the team right from the start.

What is something that you expected to be different when you first started out here? Anything out of the ordinary, that surprised you?

I would like to highlight a quote from Marius on the first day of my internship: “You can immediately cross the word “intern” out of your vocabulary”. I think that sentence already indicates quite well what I’m getting at: from day one, I was a full member of the team, I was given responsibility, and I was able to contribute and implement my own ideas. The transparency in the start-up is also something I noticed very positively. Through daily stand-ups, the use of tools like Notion and the communication in open Slack channels, everyone knows what the others are currently working on (even if the techies sometimes seem to speak a different language 😅). These things allow you to learn a lot more about the processes and procedures in the company, which I personally think is super cool.

You will mainly support our Business Development team around Co-Founder Marius, right? What exactly does your personal repertoire of tasks look like?

That’s right, I’m in the Business Development Team and, in addition to smaller sales tasks, I mainly support in the area of marketing. My tasks are super diverse, which I personally like very much. Every day brings variety and so there is certainly no boredom. :) From designing a company newsletter, creating content for our website, maintaining our social media channels to creating internal marketing materials for our clients, it’s all there. What I particularly appreciate is that I can always contribute my own ideas and thus pursue projects that particularly interest me.

Joining a remote company can be tough. Especially during Covid-times so many new hires at various companies are in the same position you were in. Do you have any tips for someone starting as a new member of a remote team?

Home office and remote work can be quite intimidating for an intern. I also thought a lot about which company I could gain valuable practical experience in, despite working remotely. Now that I’ve been at edyoucated for a month, I can say that I’m very happy with my decision to join a young startup where remote structures were already established. I can only advise anyone, who is new to a team, whether at edyoucated or at another company, to ask lots of questions, be curious and exchange ideas with everyone as much as possible. It’s not just about the fact that the best ideas usually come from mutual exchange, but also about the chance to learn from the others in the team and broaden your own horizons. That’s what makes a cool and valuable internship, isn’t it? So take the chance 🙂 .

And that’s (almost) it July, thank you! Last question: So far, what’s the most valuable thing you learned here at edyoucated?

Mhm, to be honest it’s not that easy to limit myself to one thing here. One of the most valuable things I have learned so far is definitely that I don’t have to politely hold back, but on the contrary, follow my curiosity. Perhaps another thing I could mention here: I’ve been thinking about founding a start-up myself at some point for quite some time now. The internship at edyoucated has definitely encouraged me in these thoughts. I like the open culture, the easy-going cooperation, the drive that everyone shares and the joy of our team members when we reach the next milestone. How do I summarise this as learning? Maybe that you should dare to follow your dreams? 😇

And that’s a wrap! Thanks so much. 🙂

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