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August 28, 2020

Meet Jana

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Meet Jana - 23 - Business Development - The Swiss Army Knife of edyoucated

Hi there! Another week - another “Meet The Team” interview. Ready for some additional female power? We would like you to meet Jana Jeggle. Jana joined our team at the beginning of this year as an intern. In the past months, she became a highly valued team member. She paid large contributions to the great culture and team spirit we have at edyoucated. Jana stood up for socials to make work more fun and get everyone together while being physically distant, made it possible for everyone to meet our team on social media and our website, and contributed her talents to get the word of edyoucated out in the world. It’s hard to imagine what our team will look like without her, and we’re sad to let her go. But it’s always best to make your own picture of someone. So keep reading to actually meet Jana and find out how being part of the edyoucated team has been for her.

Hi Jana!

Glad you could join us today. Please briefly introduce yourself to our community!

Hello everyone!

Happy to be here. Or to be really honest… not so much. Normally, I sit on the other side of these interviews and am the person to ask the questions, not answer them. Let’s just say, I know now why most of our team members were not completely over the moon when I asked them to join me for our next “Meet The Team” session… 😄 It’s scary.

But here we go! I am Jana and part of our Business Development Team at edyoucated. Unlike most of our team members, I don’t work in our office in Münster but joined Marius in Berlin a couple of months ago. Since I was born & raised in Münster and did my bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at the University of Münster, I was pretty eager to get out of there, to be honest. Sorry, Julian, I know that you absolutely love it! 🚲

So what is there to know about myself? As I just mentioned, I studied Business Administration, so unlike most of the team, I don’t have a development/information systems background. What also separates me from them, I guess, is the fact that I am definitely not an introvert. Not quite sure whether I am the chattiest person in the team, as Marcus and Arian talk a lot as well, but I definitely can keep up with them. I am an absolute coffee junkie (you would probably have to say addict by now) and love to visit various cafés in the area. Be it to meet up with a friend, work a bit, or just sit there on a Sunday afternoon with a good book and some cup of coffee in front of me. Berlin is perfect for that kind of thing. ☕️

Jana in Perú.

In Non-Covid-Times, I love to travel and visit as many countries as possible. I guess I share that with a lot of our teammates. Different countries, cultures, and their history absolutely fascinate me. Last fall, I visited Perú for a month, and it honestly was one of the best trips I did so far. Such diverse landscapes to explore while hiking, so many different cultures, and people to meet. Would recommend 100%!

How did you get here? What did your road to edyoucated look like?

Like many of our colleagues, I knew a part of the team pretty well prior to joining edyoucated, having worked with David and Marius and a few of the others at TechLabs for quite some time. When David and Marius first told us about the idea to turn edyoucated into a full-time project with a B2B focus (probably in May 2019), I was already pretty interested. So I guess you could say I had my eye on them for quite some time. 🕵️‍♀️

After finishing my bachelor studies at the beginning of 2019, I decided not to start my master’s degree immediately but explore the working world a bit. After working for a larger corporate for quite some time, I began to dive into the VC and startup world. Being pretty interested in Venture Capital during my studies, I joined an early-stage VC focusing on pre-seed and seed investments. Seeing that many inspiring early-stage startups got me so hyped to work in one myself, that I decided to leave the investor side and get my hands dirty on the startup side. So here I am. 💁‍♀️

What is your role/responsibility here?

I started my journey at edyoucated as a Business Development intern, mainly working side by side with Marius on all kinds of topics. In general, my responsibilities have been extremely diverse, which is one thing that let me come to work quite motivated (almost) every day.

I take care of various marketing and sales tasks, prepare sales- and pitch-decks, conduct customer research interviews, write blog posts, build landing pages, or different other marketing materials for inbound sales or employer branding purposes. And, since our team is continuously growing and we are a remote-first company, I started implementing some team building tasks into our weekly routines to make sure celebration and fun don’t come too short 😛.

One of the things I like most about my role is that it is not only diverse in terms of tasks but also lets me interact with various people. My work is not limited to touch-points with Marius but filled with cross-functional projects that allowed me to interact with almost every member of our team as well as external parties such as partner companies or clients, which makes my job really fun and exciting.

When you initially started your internship at edyoucated, you didn’t anticipate it to last this long. What made you stay within the team?

Covid-19 came around, and my options were pretty limited. 🤷🏼‍♀️ No, just kidding.

For an intern, two of the goals when joining a new company are to a) learn a lot and b) figure out whether this role would be potentially something one could imagine doing full-time, right? For one, my first three months flew by so damn fast, and I already learned so much, but there was so much yet to come, that I simply couldn’t leave after only 12 weeks. Secondly, I knew that the work I was doing was exciting. Still, I felt like I needed more time to deep dive into the early-stage startup world to see where my interests and strengths lie.

But what really made me stay was the team. Sounds cheesy, but that’s simply it. I was lucky enough to work with absolutely amazing teams in the past, but this one somehow stood out. Although working almost entirely remotely, I always felt welcomed, respected, valued, and above all, really close to our teammates. To some of them, without ever seeing them in person at all. And what I also absolutely love is the feedback culture. There is no strong hierarchy, everyone can give feedback on basically everything. But what stood out most for me was the feedback that I got from the founders, especially Marius, who oversees my work. The time he invested in order to give me feedback on various levels not only to improve the work I do for the company but to really give me some guidance and act as a coach for my personal improvement was a first for me and I am extremely grateful for that.

Previously, we asked the other team members to tell us something they’d like to learn. How about we shake this up a little. Can you tell us something you’re really passionate about right now?

Ough, that’s a tough one haha, telling you what I would love to learn would have been so much easier. As I mentioned earlier, I love crawling into a large armchair in a café with a good book on my lap. To be honest, I only recently forced myself to do that a bit more often because I love it so much but only rarely find the time. I recently discovered my love for books that are - in parts - fictional but mainly based on historical facts. Learning something about different cultures and their history while reading an appealing story is like hitting two birds with one stone (best example: Mornings in Jenin by Susan Abulhawa about Palestine’s conflict post-1948 - highly recommend!).

Besides that, I am currently trying to get passionate about Spanish again, I would love to speak fluently one day! 🇪🇸

That’s a wrap! Thank you for taking the time, Jana!

Any time 🙂

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