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September 2, 2020

Meet Franca

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Meet Franca - 25 - Business Development Intern - The Enthusiast

Franca Bluhm joined us in early August and contributes to the Marketing & Sales team. In her Meet The Team-Article, she gives us insights into her leisure activities, interests, and work at edyoucated. Today, we talked with her about how she got to join our mainly Münster and Berlin-based team from all the way from Dortmund, what her most significant learning during her first month with us was, and how she perceives working for a giant global company vs. an early-stage tech-startup. Furthermore, she had the fanciest boss you can imagine. Curious? Just keep on reading! 🤓

Hi Franca - so glad to have you on board! Please introduce yourself to our community!

Hi all! Feels great to introduce myself as part of the team as well 😊

My name is Franca, I’m 25, and unlike anyone else from the team, I’ve never lived in Münster. I live in Dortmund, so the entire edyoucated team is now split between 5 cities - Münster, Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, and Dortmund. Currently, I am working on my master’s degree in Business & Economics at the TU Dortmund.

In my free time, I really like to cook and usually spend a lot of time trying out new dishes. I especially enjoy cooking (and eating, of course 😋) Asian Cuisine - actually anything from the Middle East to Indian and Chinese dishes. Other than that, I love spending time with my closest friends - playing card games in the park, having drinks at some bar, or spending a cozy night in with a bottle of wine, Netflix, and my two cats on our laps.

Usually, during non-Corona-times, I love traveling. Actually, I love it so much that I thought it was a good idea to start an apprenticeship in tourism management while continuing my bachelor’s degree. Needless to say that it didn’t work out for long. 😅 But at least I learned how to manage my time effectively during those 1.5 years plus it gives me credibility for providing great traveling tips.

When I asked some friends for some help with this article and what they’d say described me, they mentioned a fourth point: I spend a whole year working at Walt Disney World in Florida when I was 19, which, weirdly, made me choose my university major, since I was fascinated of all the logistics and processes of managing such a giant and complex organization.

Thanks for your introduction. Disney World sounds very interesting. It it a huge organization, isn’t it? What makes the work at a startup like edyoucated different from the work there?

As much as I loved working with Mickey Mouse as my boss, I immediately thought of two very different things.

As an employee in a huge company, your role is always like a puzzle piece. It only fits into a particular place within the organization, and your actions are still limited. In comparison, your role is more like a pizza dough with a startup (or at least at edyoucated). Your responsibilities are more widespread and expand almost by the day.

The second thing that many of my teammates also mentioned in their posts: edyoucated embraces no hierarchy or seniority. Plus, the founders are super transparent about what’s going on. Even though I’m only here for a short time (three months to be exact), from day one, I felt like I was a part of the team just like anyone else.

DSC 3858
Franca in Zambia.

You said it yourself: unlike the rest of the team, you’re not from one of the cities where edyoucated is located. How did you get here? What did your road to edyoucated look like?

In my master’s degree, I put a strong focus on Digitalization, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship. At a technical university, that also means that most topics are tech-related, so I always planned to work at a tech-startup.

But the specific road to edyoucated had something to do with TechLabs, just like for many of my teammates 😄. I co-founded a new TechLabs location in Dortmund earlier this year. That was where I first heard of edyoucated. In the early summer, we invited Marius to discuss entrepreneurship and his experiences with founding a new company. That actually got me curious, so I got in touch with him afterward and - well, here I am 😊

Could you give us a little sneak peek into your responsibilities? Are there any tasks that you will regularly take care of? Any insights into the first projects that you could share? 🥳

In my role as an intern in Business Development, I work mainly on sales and marketing related tasks together with Marius, (previously) Jana, and Thorsten & Tobias (you’ll get to know those two soon - stay tuned 😉 ). I usually prepare sales and pitch decks or research possible new industries or markets on the sales side. Marketing wise I took responsibility for most of the content you’ll find on our website’s blog section and our LinkedIn page. What’s really cool about that is that I get a lot of responsibility and freedom to be creative with the content that I create.

You have been with us for 5 weeks now. Since edyoucated is all about gaining knowledge, can you share your most significant learning with us?

Thus far, only a third of my time at edyoucated passed, and I believe the best is yet to come 🚀

But before I started at edyoucated, I had absolutely no experience in neither sales nor marketing topics. So, especially in the first couple of weeks, it could get overwhelming when I talked to Marius and Jana and found it hard to understand their thought train. But when I look back on the past four weeks, I really notice how I got more comfortable with specific sales and marketing strategies, approaches, and of course the lingo and abbreviations. 😜 So I think the greatest lesson I learned this far is that it can be overwhelming to try something new (especially when you’re not exactly the youngest intern and almost done with your studies). But, when you keep trying and regularly reflect you really start to notice all the progress you’re making, which - to be honest - is a really great feeling. ☺️

You co-founded the TechLabs location in Dortmund. What inspires you about working in organizations that push personal development?

I think especially now the earth seems to be turning faster and faster. We come about disruptive innovations and new technologies every year, which is a speed that is unseen from the centuries before us. And actually, no knowledge or expertise can help us to adapt to these ever-changing times that we live in. But the only thing helping us is the desire for knowledge, new skills, or simply said: learning.

Also, I think it has never been as easy to learn as right now. With most skills or knowledge, you don’t need expensive textbooks, a fancy university degree, or exclusive coaches anymore. All anyone needs is access to the internet, which (at least here) almost every single person has. What inspires me about TechLabs and edyoucated is giving people some guidance with the overwhelming amount of information at their hand and showcasing opportunities on what they would achieve with this specific skill.

Let’s challenge your credibility for giving great traveling tips: What is the most overwhelming sight you have ever visited?

The most overwhelming places are always the ones where I have zero expectations.

While I was living in Florida, I (mostly by accident) discovered a bioluminescent lake. That lake contains a kind of plankton that starts a chemical reaction when in movements, which results in the water glowing. So the most overwhelming sight was kayaking on that lake at night. Indeed something I didn’t expect to ever witness in my life as there are only very few places globally where all the conditions are just right 🙂

Well, that’s a wrap! Thank you, Franca!

The pleasure is mine. Thanks for having me 😊

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