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August 21, 2020

Meet Arian

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Meet Arian - 24 - Working Student - The Questioner

Hello everyone! It’s time for our next Meet The Team interview with one of our beloved teammates: Arian Beckmann!

If you payed close attention to our social media activities you might have already realized, that Arian started his edyoucated journey at the beginning of July this year. Today, we talked to him about his road to edyoucated, the tasks he typically takes care of and the skills he recently learned due to some available time during the Covid-19 lock-down. Sounds interesting? Keep on reading. And be sure to stay until the very end in order to get some exceptional book tips! 📚

Hey Arian! Thank you for joining us today!

First things first - we’d love to get to know more about you, aside from your role / work at edyoucated. So what should we know? Could you quickly give us an overview about yourself?

Hi everyone! 😎

Most of the people know me as a guy that is somehow good with numbers, which is probably related to my studies of mathematics. Currently, I am writing my master’s thesis in the field of probability and statistics, so I am (hopefully) done with my studies rather soon. Besides studying, I was working part time as a Data-Scientist in a tech-startup for the past two years and volunteering in different student associations, like TechLabs, where I was working with some of our colleagues (e.g. DavidMarius, and Marcus) even before joining edyoucated. Actually it was David who got me engaged in the world of Data Science and Machine Learning back in 2017, as he assembled an introductory curriculum with respect to these fields for me. (Thanks again, David!).

Next to all the career related things, I would describe myself as person that nourishes on impressions. I like to know and understand the huge variety of complexities that our world has to offer in its society and arts. Hence, I am all about consuming media or traveling to places far away.

Arian on the Mt. Fuji in Japan

At the moment I listen to music most of the time that I am awake, especially Techno and soundtracks from television or movies (Hans Zimmer, Ramin Djawadi etc.)🎵.

Besides that, like a lot of our colleagues, I like to spend my time with good books; in fact, I host and organize some form of Book-Talk-Meetup on an irregular basis📚..

Similar to a lot of colleagues that joined our team, you already knew a large part of our “gang”. Is there anything that surprised you when joining our team? Anything that you expected to be different?

One thing that surprised me, when I joined the team, was actually how easy it is to work remotely, and with that, how naturally it felt to build a connection to your colleagues even when you do not know or see them in person regularly, as they for instance live in another city or even on another continent.

As I am that type of worker, that sees almost everything in a rather critical view, which means that I tend to see weaknesses or threats before strengths or chances, I did not expect that it would actually be that difficult for me to exert my form of critique at work, given the company’s immense of focus on delivering a high quality product. 💪

So what tasks do you typically take care of?

The main part of my work lies within the curation of content. I am adding more depth to the materials that our customers can access, in order to design a challenging learning experience. With that, I spend most of my time either designing suitable exercises for the already existing content or researching for content that can support our clients on their learning journeys, to ensure that they can test and expand their newly acquired knowledge.

Or, to put if differently, one could say that I enrich and enhance the content on our platform in order to lift the learning experience above the classical textbook-learning. 🤓

Since we are dealing with the topic of lifelong learning every single day: What is something that you recently learned? And what would you like to learn sometime soon?

Given the whole Covid19-situation I actually found a lot of time and motivation to learn something new. At the beginning of the lockdown I started to teach myself to play the piano by watching tutorials on YouTube and since then I also started to learn Russian as well as DJing.

At some time in the future I would love to learn the Japanase language as well the professional production of electronic music, but since these projects are rather demanding, it will probably take some time before I start working on those… 😄

We asked the rest our team what three adjectives / words they would use in order to describe you. Before we tell you what they said - what do you think, what words did they choose?

Uff, thats a though question; I already kind of struggled with describing myself and now I have to do that from another persons’ perspective. 😅

For once I would expect my colleagues to describe me as something like “talkative” or “social”, since I really like to have comprehensive conversations in and outside of the office. And with that I would also expect some words like “direct” or “honest”, given that I often say the things I think before really thinking about the things I think in those conversations I just mentioned.

Another word I can also see them saying is “nerdy”, as I really like to talk about nerdy stuff like movies, books, games and whatever the creative world has to offer. 🤷🏼

Pretty good! As an addition we can throw “highly-literate”, “straightforward” and “funny” into the ring.

And it’s a wrap - thanks Arian! Anything else that you would like people to know?

Thanks to you! 😊

As I would like to use this chance to “speak to the world”, I thought of just using it to recommend some books that I really like and that usually do not get a lot of credit on platforms like LinkedIn or Medium.

For fictional books I would recommend Hermann Hesse’s “Siddartha” and George Orwell’s “1984”. Siddartha offers a beautiful and emotional touching story to the reader, while the lecture of 1984 encourages readers to think about the relationship of the state and its inhabitants.

On the non-fictional side I would recommend “Meditations” by Marcus Aurelius and “Invisible Women” by Caroline Criado-Perez. Invisible Women is probably the best and most important book I have read in the last year, since it shines unseen light on the structured sexism in form of discrimination against women in our society.

And for Meditations: It’s just my favorite book and an amazing piece of stoic literature.

Ciao! 😷

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