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November 29, 2021

Day in the Life of a Marketing & Growth Intern at edyoucated

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Have you ever considered doing an internship in an early-stage startup like edyoucated? If not, maybe you should. An internship at a startup is different than one at a big-name company everyone wants in her CV. It will give you a host of real-life experiences that will be hard to find anywhere else. Sounds cheesy? Keep on reading.

Unfortunately, many still can't really imagine what the day of an intern in a startup really looks like. That's why we asked one of our Marketing & Growth interns about a "typical", authentic day at edyoucated. And here it is. Have a nice day!

Early Morning

First, I start my day as any individual would: I grab a nice cup of delicious coffee and head to my desk. ☕

Typically, I then start my day by taking 10 minutes to think about 1 to 3 things I definitely want to accomplish today. If those things align with the weekly goals and our OKRs from this quarter, I write them down. These are my 'daily goals' if you will. I make sure they follow the SMART logic: Specific, Measurable, Assignable, Realistic, and Time-related. With my daily goals in mind, I then structure my day and schedule meetings if necessary.

After that, I quickly check my inbox, Slack messages, and notifications on Notion. Unfortunately, this task often takes me longer than I'd want to. But I guess this is a common problem for most people.

First Meeting

At edyoucated, the marketing and sales teams work closely together and coordinate their workflows. And that is very important because we are all pulling in the same direction and going full throttle for one vision.

To keep up to date with the latest updates on projects, we sit together in our 10-15 minutes daily standup meeting (lovingly called "daily"). Since we are a "remote first" startup and our team is spread all over the world, we usually conduct our meetings virtually.

Even if this doesn't look like a serious meeting, believe me, usually, it is. Nevertheless, the fun factor does not come too short with us.

The team lead then starts with a warm welcome for everybody and immediately jumps into the project updates. The person taking the turn always sticks to the following structure:

  • What have I achieved since the last standup?
  • What will I complete until the next daily?
  • Are there things that block me (i.e. things where I need some help)?

After that, the word is passed on to the next person who answers the same questions.

We make sure that nobody is taking longer than 1 minute. so we learn to be brief when communicating and only focus on the most relevant things to mention. This helps to be brief, to communicate only the most important things to others, and to speak in a top-down fashion.

Here's a fun fact:
It is our tradition that the last person in line gives a short motivational speech at the end. So in case you are the chosen one on your first day here, now you are prepared for it. 😉

Deep Work Session

Anyway, now that my coffee is empty, the day is structured (and fully booked), my messages are read and answered, and the first meeting is over, I start catching up on the latest marketing news. That means I check the data on Google Analytics, Google Ads, and Social Media, among others. Simply put, I monitor what has happened in the last 24 hours and look for some improvements I can make.

Normally this task doesn't take quite so long, since I only make minor changes. That's why I get to work very early on our current project. Unfortunately, I'm not allowed to tell you that much about what exactly we're doing there. 🤫🤐 But my tasks are, for example, preparing materials for the sales team, setting up a webinar, or writing a white paper with other experts from our team.

During this time I try (with emphasis on "try") not to answer any messages, take any calls, or be distracted by news from one of our Slack channels.

Lunch Time

And before you know it it's already lunchtime. 😋 This is a great chance for every intern to learn a little more about their colleagues. I love spending my lunch break with different people every time because you just get to learn so much more about each other's motivations and ways of working at the startup.

When I am at the office in Berlin or Münster, we often go out to eat somewhere. But sometimes we also bring something from home. Once a week we even have our "remote lunch" where we meet virtually for lunch (as the name suggests). this way, the entire team meets in a pleasant and fun atmosphere, and interesting conversations always ensue. 🥗

Another Deep Work Session

After lunch, I usually finish my work from the morning and focus on my daily goals again. I also try not to be disturbed and work on my own but sometimes it is unavoidable because of further meetings and calls with the other marketing team members, for example.

But when I have no meetings, I can spend some time with creative work. This includes writing blog articles (like this one for example), preparing content for social media, or even making a video. 📽️ Interested? You can find a sneak peek here.

Coffee Date

We have a confession to make: Yes, we at edyoucated are dating each other. But hold on - it's not what you think!

Every new joiner, including working students and interns, has the opportunity to get to know his colleagues personally while having a cup of coffee, either remotely or in person. Our Slack-bot randomly decides who meets with whom so there is also always a bit of tension and crackle in the air.

These meetings are often short, similar to speed dating. But nevertheless, deep and interesting conversations always emerge. Looking back, these coffee dates have resulted in many valuable contacts.

Learning Session

It's afternoon and, mostly, I then have some time for other things. This is a great opportunity to find out more about edyoucated as a company and learn more about different business areas.

For example, I can join meetings from other teams, e.g. the product or software team (I guess, most of the techies speak another language, but I haven't figured out which one yet 😅). But I can also work on other things not related to marketing and sales. Sometimes, I am also included in other team projects and I highly appreciate that since I can try out new things and, thus, learn more about myself every single time.

Finish the Day

Time to review the day:

✅ Answer all mails

✅ Achieve daily goals

✅ Create an impact

Every evening, we all look back on another successful and great day. And then it is time for all team members to go after fun and social activities.

Sometimes, I go out for a beer with colleagues, and every four weeks we spend our evening with our beloved team socials. But most of the time, we all together enjoy the gorgeous sunset at the harbor in münster and look forward to the next exciting day at edyoucated.

I hope you enjoyed this day as much as I did!

In conclusion, I would describe my time at edyoucated as follows:

At edyoucated you truly feel that you are part of a team and not just "the intern". You can do whatever you think has an impact. When you find your own project, you are the lead and expert, and nobody stops you to be exactly that. Everyone is encouraging and ready to help anytime.

The time at edyoucated especially had an impact on me: I personally grew from the challenges and was able to learn a lot through the great responsibility I was allowed to carry.

If you would like to become part of our team as well, check out our open positions! 🚀 See you in the interview! 🙂

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