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January 7, 2021

How we use personalized employee-onboarding @edyoucated

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What is personalized employee-onboarding and why is it important?

Onboarding a new team member, regardless of the position she is taking on, is one of the most crucial moments in an employees journey within your company. It defines how this person engages with your company, has affects on how long she might stay within your company and - most importantly - how fast she will get up to speed.

Onboarding done right is one of the greatest levers you have to ensure new hires reach their A-game in no-time.

So in other words, a great onboarding process ideally accelerates time to get up to speed, improves the employee experience and minimizes the administrative workload on company side at the same time. The key to achieving all of this, is personalization.

What do we mean with personalization? In many companies personalization refers to personalized welcome messages, such as [Hi there, {name}! Welcome to {team name}!]. In other cases, onboarding is tailored to a specific role description or a particular location. But in only very few cases, the onboarding experience is actually tailored to the individual that is starting out at your company.

Let’s look at a concrete example: Think about two new joiner in your sales department. Depending on their prior experience they might have slightly or even completely different starting points. How can you make sure they don’t work through “unnecessary” onboarding materials presenting knowledge they already know or don’t even need?

Let us show you, how we do this @edyoucated.

How we use personalized employee-onboarding to our advantage

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The problem

Let’s continue with the example from above. Imagine, two new sales reps joining the edyoucated team. As externals, who never worked in the company before, they obviously have to learn about “general” things such as our company culture or our vision & strategy.

They also need to know about our working-style. A quick example: We use Slack to communicate. Let’s say one already knows how to use Slack and one doesn’t. When it comes to specific role knowledge they need to familiarize themselves with various different things - starting with basics such as how to do cold calling, moving on to understanding our buyer persona until eventually, learning every single thing there is to know about our product. Again, probably both new joiners will have individual prior knowledge & starting points.

So what options do you have? Option one, use the same static onboarding track for both new hires. Not ideal, since they would probably both would work through things they already know and the onboarding would be unnecessary time consuming, right? Option two would be to create two individually tailored onboarding tracks. Needless to say this also would be way too time consuming for your HR department.

Is there a third option?

The solution

How did we solve this issue internally? With one onboarding track that can be automatically tailored into various different versions. What exactly does that mean? We created onboarding roles on the edyoucated platform, that are personalized according to individual preferences and - most importantly - prior knowledge for every single new hire. Let’s work through it step by step and break down what our two sales reps need to know.

1. ⚡️   General company knowledge
This includes things such as our company vision & strategy, our values, working style, our team members, details about the market, challenges of our clients etc.

2. 🛠   Tool knowledge
Containing all the relevant information about the tools we are using to communicate and collaborate internally as well as externally.

3. 👩‍🏭   Product knowledge
Including an overview of the product we are offering, different features that we currently do have as well as our product vision and feature roadmap.

4. 👤   Role specific (in this case: sales) knowledge
Lastly, some specific knowledge tailored to the new role, such as knowledge about our buyer persona or ideal customer profile, sales best practices, workflow & process knowledge needed for our sales team etc.

Prepared once, those blocks can be used and re-used for every single new joiner - without you having to continuously adjust those parts over and over again.

How this looks in practice? Have a look here:

The main benefits

  • ⌛️ Our employees get up to speed in no-time, as they only work through the materials that they actually need.
  • ⏱ We can estimate the exact time it will take a new employee to get up to speed, since the platform automatically calculates the total amount of learning time.
  • 🤓 Little quizzes and drag-and-drop tasks in between not only support the employee in her learning process but also continuously show us, which onboarding materials are effective and which are not.
  • 📈 Based on the initial assessment as well as the quiz results, we are able to identify skill spikes and improvement areas, giving us the possibility to jointly develop a learning plan with our new joiner for the upcoming months from the very start.

What you need to get started

That sounds just like the thing you need as well? Your first personalized onboarding is only a couple of steps away!

1. Define the different topic blocks new hires need to be trained in. Among them might be:

  • General company knowledge
  • Industry or product specific knowledge
  • Role specific knowledge
  • Compliance topics

2. Look through your current onboarding processes & materials

  • What is already available and can be re-used?
  • What is currently done via in-person or virtual discussions that could be solved via online learning? Meaning, what materials might have to be created first?

3. Schedule a call with us, send us some information about your onboarding case as well as a couple of internal materials upfront (optional) and we’ll prepare you a demo case including your companies personal materials!

You want to offer the perfect onboarding experience to every employee? 🌈

Challenge us!

Let us show you the potential that lies within your personalized onboarding tracks. Simply answer the TypeForm below and we will be in touch!

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