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The #1 skill management solution, supporting organizations in their journey from getting started with skills to building a skills-based organization.
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Modern, skill-based Learning Management System (LMS)

Your (custom) skill library – easily built with AI

Effortlessly create and manage the single point of truth for your organization's skills with our Smart Skills Hub. Build on the powerful pre-built skills taxonomy and use AI to automatically extend it with company-specific skills. Build and maintain high-quality skill profiles with ease.
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Pre-Built Skill Taxonomy

Start with our pre-built skill taxonomy of over 10,000 skills, continuously updated with market data and AI to stay current with skill trends.

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AI-Powered Skill Extraction

Upload your documents, and our AI will extract custom, organization-specific skills from job descriptions and training materials.

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Job & Skill Profile Library

Access pre-built job and skill profile templates. Customize and implement them quickly to suit your organization’s needs.

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AI-Based Skill Maintenance

Use AI to automatically generate accurate skill descriptions and proficiency scales, keeping your skill data up-to-date effortlessly.

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AI-Powered Skill Profile Editor

Quickly create, update, and customize skill profiles. Prioritize skills and set target proficiencies with the help of our AI.


Uncover your skills in minutes

Get accurate skills data effortlessly with AI assistance, self-ratings, and manager validation. Easily maintain up-to-date skills data and improve your teams' development conversations.
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Personal Skill Profile

Say goodbye to Excel chaos! Give your employees an easy way to create and update their personal skills profile with just a few clicks.

AI-Based Skill Rating Coach

Enhance your skill profile with AI. Quickly add and rate skills using our chatbot, LinkedIn profile, or by uploading your CV.


Evaluate your role-specific skill profile. Identify growth areas and streamline your career development with ease.

Manager Skill Validation

Enable managers to validate and rate employee skills, enhancing team growth through active involvement.

Powerful Proficiency Scales

Ensure accurate skill assessments with detailed proficiency scales and descriptions for employees.


Get full skill transparency

Identify and analyze skill gaps with powerful pre-built (or custom) dashboards depending on your needs. Gain insights for all organizational levels, track progress, visualize team skills, and use AI-driven market insights for strategic planning.
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Skill Gap Analytics

Gain insights into workforce skills with analytics dashboards. Track levels, monitor trends, and visualize data for strategic decisions and growth.

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Custom Views & Dashboards

Offer custom views and dashboards for stakeholders, providing relevant data for team-based analysis and strategic workforce planning.

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Skill Progress Tracking

Track and analyze skill development with detailed analytics. Visualize progress, identify trends, and ensure continuous improvement

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Skills DNA Dashboard

Visualize team strengths and weaknesses with Skills DNA Analysis. Identify gaps and take action to develop your team effectively.

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Workforce Planning

Empower workforce planning with precise skill insights. Analyze current capabilities, identify gaps, and make informed decisions for optimal alignment.

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Job & Skill Market Insights

Use AI-extracted skills from job ads to identify competitor skills and trends. Stay ahead by understanding essential skills in your sector.


Boost business growth with skills-based learning

Performance suffers when skills gaps exist. Skills-based learning helps close these gaps with targeted upskilling campaigns. Provide personalized learning recommendations and paths to ensure each learner receives the right opportunities at the right time. Managers can then assess their teams, track skill development, and effectively enhance workforce performance through strategic upskilling.

Skill Mapping

Easily import and tag your content catalogue and events with AI-driven mapping. Simple setup and effortless maintenance.

Skills-Based Peer Matching

Connect peers and skill experts to accelerate skill development. Facilitate knowledge sharing and problem-solving with tailored matches.

Learning Recommendations

Provide AI-powered learning recommendations tailored to current skills, adjusting in real time for continuous improvement.

Content Coverage Dashboard

Analyze your training portfolio to identify skill gaps. Actionable reports highlight well-covered skills and gaps for optimal content development.

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Easily identify and utilize internal talent

Effortlessly identify internal experts and match them to projects and jobs based on their skills. Improve succession planning and talent identification with AI-driven precision.
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Internal Experts

Find and leverage internal experts for mentoring, project staffing, and skill development with skills-based talent analytics.

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Project Staffing

Match internal talent to projects efficiently, ensuring successful outcomes by identifying suitable candidates based on skills.

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Talent Identification

Identify skilled talent for future growth, ensuring the organization has the right talent for leadership and expert roles.

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Succession Planning

Enable proactive succession planning by identifying and developing talent for future needs, ensuring seamless operational continuity.


Achieve true workforce agility with internal mobility

Leverage the power of skills-based job and project descriptions to meet the ever-changing needs of your organization, allowing you to promote, move, or staff based on skills instead of job roles.
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Skills-Based Career Pathways

Create skill profiles for career levels, guide employee development, retain talent, and encourage growth within your organization.

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Internal Mobility

Encourage employees to explore adjacent roles, helping them identify fit and develop skills for new opportunities within the organization.

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Opportunity & Project Matching

Help employees find suitable projects and opportunities based on their skills, fostering growth and engagement within your organization.

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Expert & Mentor Identification

Identify skill experts who can mentor and guide employees, supporting their growth and development in chosen fields.

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