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Wherever you are on your journey to a skills-based organisation, we are your partner. We are one of the leading skills management service teams in Europe, offering a unique combination of skills, technology and consulting expertise.
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Skills for success: our Skill Consulting Service

Establishing skills as a central element of the HR process is challenging and often raises many questions. That is why we offer our comprehensive Skills Management Consulting Service. We support you from the outset: We help you effectively communicate the importance of skills to your stakeholders and guide you through the successful implementation of your first use case. With edyoucated, you benefit from an experienced partner who has helped hundreds of companies - from SMEs to large corporations - successfully implement skills and skills management.

We help you get started with skills

With us, you get your own skills team and the tools you need. We accompany you on your journey, strategically and operationally, from the initial consultation to the successful implementation of your use case. Our innovative technology solutions are the perfect companions on this journey.

Design your skills strategy with us

Create your skill taxonomy

Link skills with learning content and jobs

Conduct a skills gap analysis in the company

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Skill Strategy

Shape your skills strategy with us

Let our experienced experts help you take the first steps on your journey to becoming a skills-based organisation.

Get started with skills

Create your skill taxonomy

Work with us to effortlessly develop your skills taxonomy as the basis for detailed skills analysis and other use cases - quickly, efficiently and without tedious manual effort.

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Link skills with learning content & jobs

Instead of the time-consuming manual process of linking skills to your training catalogue and job architecture, we can automate the mapping to your skills catalogue.

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Design and conduct a skills gap analysis

Let our experienced experts help you design and implement a skills gap analysis.

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What Sets Us Apart

Skill Experts & innovative Software

We have an unbeatable combination: a team of skills experts paired with a first-class skills management solution. An external skills team that supports you in the realisation of your projects and software that makes your (and our) work much easier.

Fast-track to Skills

The combination of our experts and our software will get you there 10x faster. We guide you on your journey, both strategically and operationally, from the initial consultation to the successful implementation of your use cases.

Years of Experience

We have helped countless organisations achieve success, we understand the challenges associated with skills transformation and we have the expertise to work with you to overcome them.

With our experience & expertise, we are the right partner for your skill project

Our experts help many organisations develop and implement their skills strategy. Over 400 companies of all sizes and from a wide range of industries now trust us to deliver our masterclasses and skills consulting projects.

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Dr. Nico Broers
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Start your skill work with edyoucated

Years of experience and expertise

Strategy and operational implementation

Proven ROI

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