What is Preboarding?


Preboarding is the process of integrating and engaging new hires before their official start date at a company, aiming to help them feel welcomed, informed, and prepared for their upcoming role.

What defines the preboarding process, and how can I use it for my employees?

Definition: Preboarding refers to the process of integrating and engaging new hires before their official start date at a company. It involves activities and communication designed to help new employees feel welcomed, informed, and prepared for their upcoming role.

Importance of Preboarding

Preboarding is essential for setting the stage for a positive employee experience and smooth transition into the organization. It allows companies to make a strong first impression, demonstrate their commitment to employee well-being, and lay the groundwork for successful onboarding. By starting the onboarding process early, organizations can reduce anxiety, build excitement, and accelerate the integration of new hires into the company culture.

Key Components of Preboarding:

  • Welcome Communication: Sending personalized messages or welcome kits to new hires to introduce them to the company, its culture, and what to expect on their first day.
  • Paperwork and Logistics: Providing access to necessary paperwork, forms, and systems in advance to streamline administrative tasks and ensure a smooth onboarding process.
  • Informational Resources: Sharing relevant information about the company, team, role, and expectations to help new hires feel prepared and confident.
  • Connection Opportunities: Facilitating introductions with future colleagues, mentors, or buddies to start building relationships and networks within the organization.
  • Training and Preparation: Offering training modules, resources, or materials to help new hires acquire essential skills or knowledge before they officially start their role.

Benefits of Preboarding:

  • Improved Retention: Engaging new hires early and demonstrating organizational commitment can increase retention rates and reduce turnover.
  • Faster Time-to-Productivity: Preparing new hires with necessary information and resources allows them to hit the ground running and contribute sooner.
  • Enhanced Employee Engagement: By fostering a sense of belonging and excitement from the outset, preboarding helps new employees feel valued and connected to the company.
  • Positive Employer Branding: Providing a seamless and supportive preboarding experience reflects positively on the employer brand and enhances the organization's reputation as an employer of choice.

Here's an Example of the perfect Preboarding process

A technology company sends new hires a welcome email with a personalized video message from the CEO, an introduction to their future team members via a virtual meet-and-greet session, access to an online platform with onboarding resources and FAQs, and a welcome package with branded merchandise and company swag. This comprehensive preboarding process ensures that new employees feel welcomed, informed, and excited to join the organization even before their official start date.

At a technology firm, new hires undergo an extensive preboarding process before officially joining. They're welcomed with a personalized email featuring a video message from the CEO for example. By inviting them to a virtual meet-and-greet with their future team, they can connect more easily and learn the roles of each team member. This facilitates their integration and ensures a healthy and productive working relationship within the team. Access to an online platform equips them with onboarding resources and FAQs.

Additionally, each new team member receives a welcome package containing branded merchandise and company swag. This robust preboarding initiative ensures that even before their start date, employees feel valued, informed, and enthusiastic about joining the organization. By proactively engaging new hires and providing them with the necessary tools and information, the company sets the stage for a smooth transition into their roles, fostering a positive first impression and enhancing employee satisfaction.

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