What is a First Instruction? | Definition


First instruction is a fundamental training provided to new employees, informing them about relevant work and safety regulations to prevent accidents and ensure a safe workplace.

First Instruction: The Foundation of Effective Training

The first instruction, also known as initial training or orientation, is a fundamental training provided to new employees when they enter a company. It aims to inform newly hired individuals about key work processes, safety regulations, behavioral rules, and potential workplace hazards. The goal is to prevent accidents and injuries, ensure safety, and enhance the efficiency of work processes.

Features of First Instruction:

  • Safety Briefing: First instruction includes a detailed safety briefing that informs employees about potential workplace hazards and prepares them to work safely.
  • Introduction to Work Processes: New employees receive information about operational procedures, work processes, and the use of equipment and materials.
  • Communication of Behavioral Rules: First instruction also involves the communication of behavioral rules and standards to promote a harmonious work environment and avoid conflicts.
  • Introduction to Corporate Culture: The training provides new employees with insights into the corporate culture, values, and norms to facilitate their integration into the company.

Why is First Instruction Important?

  • Accident Prevention: Thorough first instruction informs employees about potential workplace hazards to prevent accidents and injuries.
  • Promoting Safety Awareness: The training helps to strengthen employees' safety awareness and sensitize them to safety-related aspects in the workplace.
  • Efficient Work Processes: Comprehensive onboarding facilitates new employees' entry into their tasks and contributes to increasing the efficiency of work processes.
  • Employee Engagement: Good first instruction demonstrates that the company cares about employees' safety and onboarding, which enhances employee engagement and satisfaction.

Overall, first instruction is an essential part of the onboarding process and helps new employees to start their new positions safely, efficiently, and successfully.

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