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Mastering Data Literacy

4 steps to strategically build data skills

Mastering data literacy e-book

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L&D Professionals

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Digital transformation professionals who understood the importance of data skills in digital transformation projects.

Data Leaders

Leaders who want to build data skills more effectively.

Here’s what you’ll learn

In every industry, companies are collecting more data than ever before. Despite the fact that we have all this data, and that it's becoming more influential, there's still one major problem: Organizations still fail to upskill employees to use data effectively, putting their digital transformation initiatives at risk.

As organizations strive to become data literate and start investing heavily in upskilling their workforce, L&D leaders are becoming integral to their long-term strategies. In this e-book, we demystify the root cause of lacking data skills and propose a persona-driven L&D strategy for developing data literacy skills at scale.


Why data transformation needs to happen on a broad scale


4 steps to strategically build data skills


Top strategies for fostering a data-driven corporate culture