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edyoucated is your complete learning & skill platform that includes all functionalities from skill and learning management to content delivery.

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Enjoy full access to the edyoucated learning library and content from our premium partners. Always up-to-date and ready-to-use.

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Julia Freese

"edyoucated rethinks learning and takes it to another level. Algorithms are used to determine my personal learning needs. I know exactly how much time my learning path will take and can plan the individual units well - quite different from a 200-page script that has to be worked through."

Lars Schrameyer

"It's remarkable that each learner - regardless if 23 or 60 years old, 10 years of IT background or complete beginner - had so much fun with the whole learning process and showed improvements after only an incremental amount of time."

Dr. Daniel Biene

"We want to encourage our employees to engage in lifelong learning and provide them with the right learning tools to do so. However, we could not have imagined how well this form of online learning would be received by our lawyers when we launched the project last year."

Michael Multhoff photo

Michael Multhoff

"I had a lot of fun in the Learning Journey and was able to learn many new things. I was so excited by the insights I gained in this new subject area, that I continued to explore the topics in more depth and will soon be starting a new job (internally) in this field."

Franziska Hölper

"The special thing about the edyoucated training program for me is the flexible organization of learning times and the individual design of the learning content. I also like the way new topics are introduced, which you can learn bit by bit."

Frank Wallow photo

Frank Wallow

"Without the excellent guidance from the edyoucated team in the form of qualified mentors and the execution of several interactive, remote hackathons, we would not have been able to complete the training program in such a short time with such great results."

Dennis Rempt

"The personalization of the edyoucated platform gave me the opportunity, even despite my stressful workday, to always spontaneously enter the learning process and thus perfectly combine work and further education."

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