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The comprehensive learning management solution (LMS) for all your training needs, from onboarding and compliance to skill-based L&D.

Made in Germany | GDPR Compliant
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Centralize and simplify your learning management

Meeting training demands swiftly and affordably can be challenging with a traditional LMS. Streamline workflows by integrating all activities into one platform to efficiently create, organize, and track courses, seminars, and certifications. Save time by automating scalable user management and delivering the right training to the right learners from day one.
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Empower learners with an overview of their agenda, deadlines, learning paths, etc.

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Material Library

Oversee all content, including materials and quizzes, add new content, and use it flexibly.

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Content Authoring

Create new materials or entire courses on-the-go as needed.

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Reminders & Notifications

Notify learners of updates to keep them engaged and ensure deadlines aren't missed.

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AI Assistant

Simplify learning & skill management with AI, saving time on management and content.

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Gain insights on learning and skill analytics for data-driven decisions.

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Made in Germany

Learning software made with love in Münster, Germany.

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GDPR Compliant

GDPR compliant and hosted locally in Germany.


Stay compliant with ease

Tracking compliance training can be tedious. Streamline the process with automated enrollment, reminders, and audit-proof reporting. Centrally manage all mandatory trainings, including compliance, fire safety, and data protection, ensuring an efficient and user-friendly experience for you and your employees.

Create Mandatory Trainings

Easily create mandatory live training or host it online for 24/7 availability.

Pre-Built Mandatory Trainings

Utilize ready-made mandatory trainings from our content partners.

Automated Enrollment

Automatically enroll users based on role, team, learning completion, and other criteria.

Reminders & Notifications

Notify learners about upcoming deadlines and important dates.

Final Exams

Test knowledge with quizzes and final exams.


Track, manage, and download training certificates.

Reporting Dashboards

Audit-proof reporting and data exports.


Plan, deliver, & manage seminars more efficiently

Managing seminars can be complex and requires juggling multiple tasks, especially with various platforms involved. Simplify the process to streamline planning and administration, ensuring efficient training and development activities.
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Seminar Organization

Organize online and offline seminars for your employees.

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Live Sessions

Seamlessly schedule and host live learning sessions via Zoom or MS Teams.

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Easy Registration

Allow users to register for events or automatically assign them based on roles and teams.

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Approval Flows

Enable managers to approve event attendance and track learning budgets.

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Waiting Lists

Limit participants and manage attendance with waiting lists.

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Feedback & Evaluation

Automatically collect feedback after events.

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Event Analytics

Get detailed reports on event attendance, registrations, cancellations, and more.

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AI-Generated Descriptions

Easily set up and create events with AI-powered descriptions.


Design interactive blended learning experiences

Onboarding new employees, training your sales team or customers? Blending online and offline learning can serve multiple use cases and increase engagement and learning outcomes. With just a few clicks, you can easily integrate seminars with online courses, include key documents, manage learner cohorts, and schedule your learning journeys.
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Learning Journeys

Combine online courses, seminars, and materials into engaging blended learning experiences.

Access Management

Easily manage access based on user groups or individual users.

Registration Management

Track sign-ups, add users, monitor completions, and export results.

Set Deadlines

Define start and end dates for specific use cases like onboarding and sales training.

Document Storage

Store all necessary materials, such as documents and PDFs, in one central place.


Create engaging (blended) onboarding journeys and make them available 24/7.

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Accelerate course creation and delivery

Creating courses can be time-consuming, often taking months to complete. Streamline the content creation process to deliver relevant and engaging courses in minutes with a little help from AI, while ensuring alignment with your organization’s standards, goals, and guidelines.
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Curation Suite

Easily create standard or adaptive learning paths with a powerful curation suite.

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Combine videos, podcasts, PDFs, images, website links, texts, and more.

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Embed SCORM modules directly into your learning platform.

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Add engaging quizzes to your learning paths, including multiple choice, fill in the blanks, and more.

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AI-Powered Descriptions

Let the AI assistant create automated descriptions.

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AI-Powered Material Creation

Utilize AI to create engaging learning materials from the ground up.

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AI-Powered Quiz Creation

Leverage AI to instantly build quizzes for your trainings.


Track learning progress with ease

Need to track learning progress or demonstrate value to your managers? Tracking learning doesn’t have to be complex or require a data scientist. Utilize comprehensive reporting and custom dashboards to monitor completion, engagement, and skill development. Access all the data you need for informed, data-driven decisions.
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Learning Analytics

Track key metrics such as completion rates and learning time.

Event Analytics

Get detailed reports on event attendance, registrations, cancellations, budget, and more.

Skill Analytics

Detailed insights into the skills of your workforce, your teams, and to identify individual experts.

Learner Profile

Monitor individual progress, e.g. completions, certificates, mandatory training, etc.


Track completed mandatory trainings and export reporting lists.

Collect Feedback

Collect and act upon learner feedback easily.

Content Coverage Dashboard

Identify and address open training needs quickly.

Custom Reporting

Create custom reports and dashboards by integrating learning stats into your CRM or BI tool.


Boost business growth with skills-based learning

Performance suffers when skills gaps exist. Skills-based learning helps close these gaps with targeted upskilling campaigns. Provide personalized learning recommendations and paths to ensure each learner receives the right opportunities at the right time. Managers can assess their teams, track skill development, and effectively enhance workforce performance through strategic upskilling.
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Skill Assessments

Identify and measure individual skills through self and manager assessments.

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Adaptive Learning

Personalize learning experiences based on individual progress and needs.

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Learning Recommendations

Automatically suggest tailored courses and resources to learners.

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Skill Analytics

Analyze skill data to guide L&D strategies and close skill gaps strategically.

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Skill Gap Identification

Identify and address skill gaps within the organization.

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Personal Skill Profiles

Offer each employee personal skill profiles and career guidance.


Flexible content for faster skill growth

Your content needs are unique. Start with over 100 free, curated learning paths. Select and customize top-quality materials for soft and hard skills. Benefit from partners like Pinktum, Go1, and SoSafe. Our content marketplace offers flexibility to grow with your business.
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Out-of-the-Box Content

Get instant access to over 100 curated learning paths, hand-picked by our learning engineers.

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Content Partners

Integrate content from premium partners directly into the platform.

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External Course Libraries

Easily embed your external course libraries such as LinkedIn Learning and Udemy.

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Import and play SCORM modules directly on edyoucated.


Intelligent user management for automated workflows

Streamline your processes with user management that scales with your company. Dynamic user settings ensure learners receive the appropriate training from their very first day, saving you time and resources.
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Single Sign-On (SSO)

Easy and secure access management with Single Sign-On (SSO).

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Team Management

Automate learning management based on your org. structure leveraging teams, roles, etc.

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Connect learning to your existing HR tech stack, such as HCM, HRIS, Zoom, MS Teams, etc.

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User Sync

Sync user data instantly with your HCM or HRIS platform.


Connect learning to your existing HR tech stack

Integrate your LMS with your HR tech stack to eliminate duplicate data entry and automate your workflows. Connect to HCM, HRIS, and collaboration tools like MS Teams or Slack for a rich learning experience and efficient management.
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Automatically retrieve master data from systems such as Personio, Bamboo HR, etc.

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Directly schedule learning time into your calendar such as Gmail, Outlook, etc.

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Collaboration Tools

Streamline communication by connecting learning to tools like MS Teams, Outlook, Slack, Zoom, etc.

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Embed SCORM modules directly into your learning platform.

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External Content Providers

Easily embed content providers or link to external courses such as Udemy, LinkedIn Learning, etc.

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GDPR Compliant

GDPR compliant and hosted locally in Germany.

edyoucated is funded by leading research institutions such as the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (BIBB), Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK).

Bundesinstitut für Berufsbildung (BIBB)