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How MED:ON MVZ ensures efficient onboarding & knowledge transfer

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Evelyn Bentke
Coordinator MED:ON MVZ Academy
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Medical Onboarding

The Client

MED:ON MVZ is a leading provider of medical care centres and owner of more than 50 medical care centres throughout Germany. From the outset, MED:ON has relied on a model practice concept, centralised administration and a solid education and training system for doctors, medical students, medical assistants and trainees.

The Challenge

Like many other medical companies, MED:ON faced some challenges in the induction and training of newly recruited medical staff.

This was particularly due to the increase in the number of new medical centres. Each employee needed to be quickly introduced to their new role and to the company's high standards. There were also strict requirements for accurate documentation and compliance with Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), and the complexity of the practice software was an additional challenge.

Extensive training and explanation was required to effectively familiarise staff with the functions of the software. The seminars held for this purpose proved to be time-consuming and inflexible. Innovative solutions for training and knowledge transfer were needed.

The Solution

MED:ON opted for edyoucated to make the knowledge transfer during the induction and training of new employees more efficient and sustainable.

edyoucated's granular skills structure now allows the relevant onboarding content to be precisely divided into individual sections, skills to be assigned and individual learning paths to be automatically created. The flexible delivery of learning content gives employees the freedom to learn at their own pace and develop their skills independently before they start work. This asynchronous delivery gives employees control over their learning process.

edyoucated also provides effective monitoring of learning progress and the ability to query knowledge. The company can track individual employee progress and ensure that all relevant topics are fully understood. Trainees are given the opportunity to consolidate and deepen topics in addition to what they have learned in school and on the job.

"With edyoucated, MED:ON has used a learning platform for the first time. The fact that it is easy to manage skills, chapters and atoms and that I, as the administrator, can create a clear overview is an absolute plus. The support for questions that arise is quick and backed up with easy-to-understand explanatory videos, just as you would expect from a learning platform." - Evelyn Bentke, Coordinator MED:ON Academy

The Result

The partnership between MED:ON and edyoucated is already achieving important results and has sustainably improved the transfer of knowledge and the induction of employees.

Thanks to edyoucated's personalised learning paths, the company saves a lot of time in knowledge transfer. Employees benefit from fewer queries and faster progress during their induction. The flexible structure of the platform enables individual control of the learning content and promotes efficient learning.

In addition, edyoucated offers the management of MED:ON a transparent overview of the learning progress of the employees. In this way, committed professionals can be identified and rewarded.

The implementation of the solution is proving to be scalable and supports both the current requirements of the company as well as further growth. By actively addressing the challenges, a motivating learning environment has been created that empowers employees and enables them to start their new job with confidence.

edyoucated is funded by leading research institutions such as the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (BIBB), Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK).

Bundesinstitut für Berufsbildung (BIBB)