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Join our professional training tailored to teams of 5 (or more)

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Any team of 5+ people looking to enter the world of data

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Data beginners across all industries

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Anyone unsure how to leverage data for better results

Data literacy Curriculum

Designed by learning engineers & data scientists

Learning Engineers
Dr. Nico Broers
Dr. Nico Broers

Behavioral Scientist, led state-of-the-art AI research in successfull learning at MIT’s Department of Brain and Cognitive sciences

Dr. Julian Rasch
Dr. Julian Rasch

Data Scientist with expertise in educational sciences, PhD in Mathematics, taught Statistics at the University for Applied Sciences Münster

Foundations of data
5 hours
Data wrangling
12-16 hours
Data visualization
10-12 hours
Final Project
20 hours
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Data Concepts

Acquire essential knowledge about the meaning of data. Understanding the potential of data means going back to the origins. What is data in a nutshell? In this chapter you’ll get to know the origins and various forms that data can come in.

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Data Bases and Storage

Did you ever wonder where the data in your company comes from? We are going to introduce you to the many shapes of data, how they are structured and typically stored. You are going to learn the difference between a database and a spreadsheet, how narrow data is different from wide data formats and how you can best store your very own data files.

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Data Types

Learn about the data types that you most commonly encounter in your own work! Start to make sense of data by learning about its various types. What is a string versus a numerical variable? What do you have to keep in mind when transforming data?

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Data Innovation and Data Professions

There are many buzzwords circulating around the value of data. We are demystifying the big words in this chapter: big data, data science, data engineering, autonomous driving, personalised medicine and many more. Learn what data analysis actually means, how data professionals actually work and how innovative even the most basic forms of data processing and analysis can be.

Learning format

A taste of our blended learning approach

Our blended learning approach will provide you with both, self-study on our powerful platform, plus interactive courses and professional live workshops with industry experts.

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Live workshop

Kick-off workshop

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Module 1: Foundations of data

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Live workshop

Interaction with data workshop

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Module 2: Data wrangling

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Live workshop

Storytelling with data workshop

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Module 3: Data visualization

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Live workshop

Kick-off project weeks

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Module 4: Final projects development

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Live workshop

Demo day

Industry Experts

Live workshops co-led by industry experts

Hands-on live workshops led by experienced professionals who’ve led teams of all sizes.

Dr. Meike Wocken

Head of Industrial Solutions at Codecentric, Co-Founder of Code for Bielefeld, Statistics Lecturer at Applied University Bielefeld.

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Jan Wokittel

Digital Transformation Lead at Roche Pharma, Tech Influencer and Digital Consultant.

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Dr. Nora Reich

Product owner Big Data & AI at KfW, Founder & Data Strategist at Dr. Nora Reich Data Career Consultancy

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Your data journey doesn’t stop after the program

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Continue learning with these free mid-level courses
Data science with SQL and Python
Supervised learning with Python
Tableau Expert
Data journalism
Machine Learning fundamentals
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Access to all platform content

12-months free access to our platform including our entire content library.

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1-on-1 mentorship and career advice

Our learning engineers and platform will provide you with the guidance you need to achieve your goals.

Detailed feedback on your learnings and projects

24/7 chat opportunities to answer your questions

1:1 skill consulting after the training

1-on-1 Mentorship
Career advice
Mentorship at edyoucated

Learn from peers solving similar problems

Learn with like-minded peers in a curated cohort. Join alone, with a small group of learners, or even with a large group of colleagues.

Data Literacy

You’ll walk away with:

Data Literacy certificate

Live coaching and mentoring from leading experts

Actionable real-world projects

Access to a private community of data practitioners

Over 800 different skills to learn in data

+ 1 year free access to the edyoucated platform

Skill gap analysis for roles such as Data Analyst or Data Translator

Skill consulting for your next career steps

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