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The first end-to-end solution for building a skill-based organization: a team of skill experts paired with a top-notch skill management solution. Proven ROI. Quick implementation. Effective.
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Since 2019, we have been revolutionizing the skill market with our solutions. Our experts assist the most innovative companies in Germany in developing their skill strategy. Over 400 companies of various sizes and industries now trust us, whether in our Masterclass or in collaboration on skill consulting projects.

Dr. Nico Broers
Dr. Nico Broers

Project Lead Consulting

Dr. Nico Broers
Klara Freitag

Skill & Content Lead

Dr. Nico Broers
Dr. Julian Rasch

Data Scientist, AI Engineer

Dr. Nico Broers
David Middelbeck

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Dr. Nico Broers
Marius Vennemann

Co-Founder & Managing Director

What we do

With us, you get both your own skills team and the right software. We guide you on your journey, strategically and operationally, from the first consultation to the successful implementation of your use case. Our innovative skills solution is the perfect companion on this journey. In addition to our experienced skills consultants, our software offers a scalable solution for the easy creation of a skills database through to skills management.

We advise you in developing your skill strategy and choosing your skill initiatives.

We take work off your hands and with our skill experts and software we are a reliable partner.

We quickly deliver initial results and help you demonstrate ROI and convince stakeholders.

Our Skill Projects

Together, we define the use case with the most value for your company. Here are some examples of our previous skill projects. Not sure which use case is the best fit?
We are happy to advise you

Skill Taxonomy

Establishing a Skill-Taxonomy


Strategic Workforce Planning


Development of a Skill Strategy

Skill Matching

Enrichment of Job Profiles with Skills

Learning & Development

Project Management

Learning & Development

Personalized, Adaptive Learning Paths

Skill Analysis

Succession Planning Preparation

Skill Analysis

Competitor Skill Analysis

Talent Management

Preparation Talent Marketplace


Skill Needs Analysis

What Sets Us Apart

Skill Experts & innovative Software

We have an unbeatable combination: a team of skill experts paired with a top-notch skill management solution. An external skill team that assists you in the implementation of your projects and software that significantly simplifies the work for you (and us).

Maximum Scalability

We are the only skill team you'll ever need to hire. We support both SMEs and large enterprises, adjusting our work flexibly to your needs.

Years of Experience

Hundreds of organizations trust us because we've helped countless companies succeed. We understand the challenges that come with skill transformation and have the expertise to overcome them together.

With Whom We Work

Small Businesses

We are proud that today we can also help small businesses get started with skills. What was once reserved for large companies is now possible for small teams as well, thanks to AI and intelligent software.

Medium-Sized Businesses

Especially medium-sized businesses are affected by the skills shortage. One of the solutions? Skills. Our expertise benefits medium-sized companies that need support to position themselves for the future.


Large companies rely on our proven solutions to transform their skill strategies. They value our extensive experience in working with corporations, dealing with stakeholders, and adhering to corporate policies.

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