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Put the power of our AI assistant to work for you. That means faster work, less manual effort, and more time for what's really important: your people.
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Work faster. Automate tedious tasks.

Experience the next generation of skill and learning management with your personal AI assistant and a suite of AI-powered features. Connect learners with the right learning content, automate the creation of skills and content, customize learning experiences, and increase administrative efficiency.

Content creation powered by AI

Creating and managing new learning content on the platform is now easier than ever. Whether it is offline events, digital learning paths, skills or other content: Your AI assistant automatically generates appropriate descriptions, saving you valuable time.

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AI-powered learning recommen-dations

Link existing content libraries to your skills with the help of AI. The AI assistant automatically detects skill gaps and suggests the appropriate course for that skill from your content library. It doesn't matter if that content comes from edyoucated, your own content library, or external partners like LinkedIn Learning.

AI-powered adaptive learning paths

Provide your employees with continuous learning opportunities that enable self-directed learning and help them succeed without detours. The AI understands learners' skills and dynamically adapts learning content and pace. This ensures that all of the content presented to employees is aligned with their goals, interests, needs and preferences.

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AI-powered skill management

Your AI assistant helps you create skills, generates descriptions and automatically breaks skills down into smaller components. This means that managing your skills is now easier than ever, with smart suggestions to help you get started.

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AI-based creation of skill profiles & skill assessments

No more tedious forms and questionnaires. The AI assistant creates skill profiles based on a handful of questions and automatically assesses skills so you and your learners can get started quickly without a lot of manual effort.

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AI-Based Quiz Creation

Creating quiz questions has never been this easy. With our AI assistant, you can effortlessly generate questions. Whether it's multiple choice, sorting, or fill-in-the-blank - our AI finds the right quiz questions for your content. Simply upload a document or enter free text, and in a matter of seconds, the AI creates a suitable question, complete with all answer options.

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AI-Based Content Creation

With our AI assistant, you can now generate the initial draft for new learning materials in just a few seconds. Simply input a topic, select a knowledge level, and specify an industry, and the AI automatically generates learning content from it.

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