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How will this ROI calculator help you?

Use our LMS Return on Investment (ROI) calculator to quantify the benefits of a Learning Management System (LMS) for your organisation. From improving upskilling to retaining employees and reducing your recruitment costs, discover the savings that a learning management system can bring to your organisation. Then use these figures to build a solid LMS business case and convince your internal stakeholders of the value of a modern (skills-based) learning management system.

Navigating the challenges of digitalisation

In an era defined by digital transformation and evolving work landscapes, a global skills shortage is creating critical skills gaps. Many organisations are grappling with internal solutions, struggling to provide development pathways for their workforce. Traditional approaches to addressing these skills gaps often prove costly, creating an urgent need for a transformative solution.

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Maximize ROI with a skills-based LMS

Meet the challenge head-on with a skills-based Learning Management System (LMS). By systematically deploying skills, you can effectively bridge existing skills gaps. This not only facilitates the development of your employees' skills, but also allows you to strategically manage, maintain and redeploy skills, resulting in a tangible reduction in unnecessary costs for your organisation.

What calculations are included?

Our ROI model evaluates costs savings driven by edyoucated across the 3 modules, subtracting implementation and software costs. Download and fill in our survey with your business numbers and we will automatically calculate your:

The 3 modules:

Upskilling Cost Savings

Achieve significant time and cost savings by embracing upskilling. Say goodbye to high external training costs, streamline learning management processes and empower users to learn more efficiently, saving you both money and valuable time.

Skill Gap Cost Savings

Realise additional savings by closing skills gaps within your organisation. Seize the opportunity to minimise the financial impact of missed growth opportunities, increase overall productivity and accelerate the onboarding process for new team members, ultimately improving your bottom line and operational efficiency.

Retention Cost Savings

Experience tangible cost savings through improved employee retention. Dramatically reduce the financial burden of recruitment and streamline the time-consuming tasks of screening and onboarding, resulting in a more economical and streamlined workforce.

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