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February 17, 2021

How to bring agility to your business with edyoucated

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Why agility is relevant for your business

Although companies in today’s work environment are exposed to dynamics, surprises and rapid changes, a large number of companies still cling to rigid project workflows and traditional management approaches. What is the consequence? Inefficiency and untapped potential! Many projects take forever to be completed and are hindered by large interdependencies. To avoid these problems today and in the future, businesses need to become agile.

For companies that apply agile methods, multiple advantages and opportunities arise. First of all, they can start their project faster than ever without spending a lot of time planning each step in detail in advance. As a result, the initial motivation of all participants remains high and there is nothing to block a dynamic and productive first project phase. The many team meetings, feedback loops with customers and iterative adjustments to project processes and tasks allow for flexibility and early detection of errors. This enables employees to stay focused and follow effective workflows that yield fast and optimal results. In the long-term, agile approaches increase the potential of your processes and thus set you apart from other companies on the market.

The more agile a company, the better its financial performance.

In a broad survey of 285 leading European companies, it was found that agile companies perform ~ 2.7 times better than non-agile companies. (Olbert S., Prodoehl H.G., Worley C. (2019))

Therefore, we know that agile management can help companies become more successful. However, many companies face the challenge of designing such an agile transformation. Learning agile techniques per se is usually neither easy nor effective - because learning processes in one-size fits all formats lack a very specific aspect.

Why personalization is essential in the learning process of agile management

Agile tells us to be flexible. But learning is totally inflexible? That doesn’t make sense at all. Similar to what we do in rigid, non-agile projects, we often waste a lot of time and resources when it comes to learning. At edyoucated, learning is flexible and agile - we specifically pursue the mission of providing a personalized learning experience that is tailored to each individual’s exact prior knowledge, experience, and learning goals. Through personalization, learners get exactly the training program they need. Avoiding repetition of previously known or irrelevant learning content increases learner engagement and motivation, which translates into a more efficient learning process and accelerated learning results.

After learners select their desired skill, they are guided through a series of questions about their previous knowledge, learning preferences, and goals. Based on this information, edyoucated’s personalization technology calculates a learning path that is tailored to the learner’s exact needs and preferences. Before, you sat in a seminar on agile and got bored because you had to go through the basics and agile principles for 3x. With edyoucated we remove all irrelevant material and show learners only the content that really helps them in their individual learning process.

A cycle representing the optimal learning path

In order to always respond to learners in the best possible way during the learning process, a personal mentor is available for all questions and comments, both in coordinated mentoring sessions and via our “Ask your mentor” function. The learning experience is also shaped by small embedded quiz questions, earning learning points, and interacting in the learning community. Our analyses show that learners have more fun and are more motivated, which leads to significantly higher completion rates. Learning progress, ideas, and experiences can be shared with other learners at any time, and together they can apply their newly learned knowledge in real-world projects. So if learners want to make their journey to becoming an expert in Agile Management dynamic and personal, edyoucated is their way to go.

A sneak peek into the learning content

On our platform, participants learn what is behind agile project management and which values and principles dominate in an agile environment. Getting to know basic agile concepts (e.g. Sprints, User Stories & Backlog) and methods like Scrum, Kanban and Design Thinking are also part of the learning role. Last but not least, learners deal with techniques for effective product and project management and thus improve their self-management and leadership skills on an individual level. As mentioned, this is only a small preview of what learners can expect, because in the end every learning path looks very individual.

💡 Do you want to find out how your team can achieve learning success and bring agility to your organization with personally tailored learning experiences? Find out and sign up directly for free on our learning platform or simply schedule a demo with us.

edyoucated´s Agile Management learning path

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