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The solution to make learning digital skills more effective than ever before.

Rethinking learning software.

Personalization meets scalability

The edyoucated platform is the first learning platform that truly understands the employee’s learning needs.

Decide on a field you would like to develop further in.

Assessment of your existing knowledge for your personal skill profile.

Enjoy personalized learning material to learn as effectively as possible.

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Understand your capabilities

The edyoucated platform provides users with personal skill profiles and a detailed skill assessment. Observe how fast your teams increase their skill levels! For the first time, you will have an overview about your organization's capabilities.

Personalized learning at scale

With the edyoucated platform, every learner receives a personalized path, specifically designed for their needs. We leverage machine learning and newest insights from research in learning development to develop our curricula.

Learn how effective learning looks like

The edyoucated platform builds a learning journey that does so much more than just providing great learning material. Learners will learn how to learn effectively, how to leverage their learning for the benefit of the whole organization and how to apply their newly aquired skills in their workday through projects.

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