Building learning experiences for someone truly special: you

Learning makes us succeed. Learning fosters curiosity. Learning makes us open-minded. edyoucated exists to create a world with great learning organizations: a world in which the workforce is empowered to continuously adapt and to innovate in our digital age.

We believe that the diversity of our learning needs isn’t the challenge. It’s the solution.
And thus, we embrace it – through a personalized learning experience that’s focused on someone truly special: you.

Built by learning technology experts

With decades of collective experience, the edyoucated team has already proven themselves with building successful learning and technology organizations. As a group of former AI-engineers, strategy consultants, CTOs, and nonprofit leaders in the field of digital education, we blend the skills necessary to revolutionize learning technology for the good.

Be part of our mission.
Become an edyoucator.

Join our team and become part of our vision of enabling the world to supercharge digital learning.
We love to work together with curious, open-minded and impact-oriented people.

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Our edyoucated Offices

Three great places to work from.
The best thing: you don't even need to choose just one. Pick your favorite location every day again.
Münster 🚲
In Münster our office is located directly at the local harbour. You always wanted to enjoy your morning coffee with a view over the water? Check.
Berlin 🐻
In Berlin we are currently working from the Factory in Berlin Mitte: a vibrant community, many startups and a typical Berlin startup co-working atmosphere (including a table tennis table!) are things you always wanted to experience? Come join us!
Remote 👩‍💻
Even without pandemic circumstances: we're living in a vibrant remote culture from the very first day when we founded edyoucated in 2018. Join us for remote lunch, remote coffee dates, remote socials – everything is possible.