Effective Learning through Personalization

Every employee is different when it comes to learning & development needs. Yet, companies cannot personalize the learning journey for every single employee. We built edyoucated to change that.

Employees’future success depends on their learning

The vast majority of companies are providing employees with learning opportunities. And while learning opportunities are plentiful, guidance in the learning process gets increasingly rare. Employees are drowning in content, but starving for guidance.

3 Reasons why

Employees are completely different when it comes to prior knowledge, learning style and goals.

Companies do not have the resources to personalize the learning journey for each and every employee. And so employees only get access to off-the-shelves learning opportunities without any guidance.

The result? The vast majority of employees learns too little and completely inefficient. Companies waste 50% of their budget for nothing.

Introducing tailor-made learning for
every single employee

For the

Every employee has different knowledge and learning styles. With edyoucated, you can finally provide your team with a learning experience they truly deserve.

Say goodbye to
one-size-fits-all learning

And say hello to your employees getting the span most personalized learning experience they have ever had.

Get world-class content, curated by our experts

Our experts continuously monitor the most relevant content sources and carefully curate the best available materials to learn the desired skills.

Always on your side: your personal mentor

With edyoucated, the learning process becomes personal again. Your employees have access to our experts at anytime.

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For the

Get a real-time overview of your organization’s skills, create your own learning roles, and see your teams profit from a new level of learning effectiveness.

Get deep skill insights into your organization

Whether your team is in the next room or spread across the world, edyoucated provides you with instant access to all skills and the learning progress of your team (of course, GDPR-approved).

Steer the digital transformation of your teams

Together with edyoucated, you can create your own roles and automatically create personalized learning paths for your employees – with a combination of internal and external content.

Dramatically increase the learning effectiveness of your organization

Employees who use edyoucated learn on average >3 hours per week and 8 out of 10 employees apply the newly learned skill directly in their everyday work.

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