Skill-based L&D Masterclass

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Start: June 22
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Professional skill-based L&D workshop
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Join our professional training tailored to L&D professionals

Experienced HR and L&D professionals

Anyone who wants to develop employees more effectively

Anyone who wants to move towards skills-based learning

Skill-based L&D Curriculum

Designed by learning engineers

Learning Engineers
Klara Freitag

Skills & Curation Lead at edyoucated, Master's in Psychology at University of Münster, HR consultancy experience working on competence models and personnel development measures

Dr. Julian Rasch

Data Scientist with expertise in educational sciences, PhD in Mathematics, taught Statistics at the University for Applied Sciences Münster

Skills-based L&D
3 hours
Skill mapping
3-5 hours
Skill profiles & assessment
3-5 hours
L&D Tech stack
3-5 hours
Skill analytics
3-5 hours
Current Trends in L&D

Join us on a short journey of skill discovery. We’ll take a look at the current state of Learning & Development and the disruptions caused by digitalization and discuss what all of this has to do with the evolution of skill-based learning.

An Agile approach to skills-based L&D

When is a good time to start with skills-based initiatives? How do I coordinate best with related initiatives from other teams? These are important questions, and we’ve got the answers! Agile transformation towards skills does not have to be an expensive and time-consuming production: We will discuss how to start small, try out different approaches and learn from the results along every step of the way.

Understanding Skills

These days, it seems like the word skill gets thrown around a lot, but what does it mean in the context of workforce development? Why should you even consider skill-based workforce development? Take a journey with us as we dive into the world of skills and how they can be used or reused.

Learning format

A taste of our blended learning approach

Our blended learning approach will provide you with both, self-study on our powerful platform, plus interactive courses and professional live workshops with industry experts.

Live workshop
1,5 hours

Session 1: Foundations of skill-based L&D


3-4 hours learning

Live workshop
1,5 hours

Session 2: Skill mapping


3-4 hours learning

Live workshop
1,5 hours

Session 3: Skill Profiles & Assessment


3-4 hours learning

Live workshop
1,5 hours

Session 4: Tech stack for skill-building


3-4 hours learning

Live workshop
1,5 hours

Session 5: Skill Analytics

Live workshop
1,5 hours

Session 6: Practical guide on how to get started

Industry Experts

Live workshops co-led by industry experts

Hands-on live workshops led by experienced professionals who’ve led teams of all sizes.

David Middelbeck

Co-Founder & Managing Director at edyoucated, experienced Product Lead & Data Scientist

Dr. Nico Broers

Behavioral Scientist, led state-of-the-art AI research in successfull learning at MIT

Klara Freitag

Skills & Curation Lead at edyoucated, Master's in Psychology at University of Münster

Klara Freitag
Platform access

Your skill-based L&D journey doesn’t stop after the program

Continue learning with these free mid-level courses
Skills-based workforce development
Creating a learning culture
Evaluating learning success
L&D technology
Creating & running webinars
Effective learning
Digitalizing your offline training
Data visualization with MS Office
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12-months free access to our platform including our entire content library.

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1-on-1 mentorship and career advice

Our learning engineers and platform will provide you with the guidance you need to achieve your goals.

Detailed feedback on your learnings and projects

24/7 chat opportunities to answer your questions

1:1 skill consulting after the training

1-on-1 Mentorship
Career advice

Learn from peers solving similar problems

Learn with like-minded peers in a curated cohort. Join alone, with a small group of learners, or even with a large group of colleagues.

Skill-based L&D Masterclass

You’ll walk away with:

Skill-based learning certificate

Live coaching and mentoring from leading experts

Actionable real-world projects

Access to a private community

Over 800 different skills to learn

+ 1 year free access to the edyoucated platform

Skill gap analysis

Skill consulting for your next career steps

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