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Data Analysis & Visualization

Enable your teams to translate data into real-world outcomes. Our individualized cohort program is designed to effectively advance the data skills of your teams.

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40% time saved through personalization

Get access to personalized learning paths that automatically skip the skills you already know.

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95% success rate of the program

Follow engaging live sessions and self-paced study for guaranteed learning success.

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Personal expert mentorship

Get mentored by our industry experts who set individual goals, provide feedback and support your learning journey.

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Cohort-based collaboration

Learn together with learners from other companies, thus engaging in frequent exchange of experiences and ambitions.

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Real-world projects & use cases

Put your skills directly to practice by working on real use cases from your company and solve them together with our experts.

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Full access to our platform

Participate in our programs and get free access to our entire skill building platform — why stop learning?

Explore our open programs

These 15-week open programs are led by subject-matter experts. Get guidance on the most important skills you need today, accelerate your learning with community & mentors, and apply your skills in hands-on projects.

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Data Analysis & Visualization

Build hands-on skills to collect, transform, and visualize data for a range of use cases through the entire "data value chain".

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Agile Management

Learn all the skills and methods you need to build effective agile processes that will boost the success rate of projects with your team and your business.

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Customer Centricity & UX Design

Build powerful skills to understand your customers, and learn the tools to build & validate new solutions quickly.

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Remote Productivity

Optimize your virtual communication skills and adapt your leadership style to the hybrid environment to lead your remote or hybrid team as effective as possible.

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Our edyoucators

Why our customers love edyoucated

"Right from the start, I knew exactly how much time my learning path would take and could plan the individual units well. In addition, the successful alternation between different content media (e.g. videos, texts) provided variety - learning is much more fun thanks to edyoucated!"

Julia Freese

"Without the excellent guidance from the edyoucated team in the form of qualified mentors and the execution of several interactive, remote hackathons, we would not have been able to complete the training program in such a short time with such great results."

Frank Wallow photo

Frank Wallow

"We want to encourage our employees to engage in lifelong learning and provide them with the right learning tools to do so. However, we could not have imagined how well this form of online learning would be received by our lawyers when we launched the project last year."

Dr. Daniel Biene photo

Dr. Daniel Biene

"It's remarkable that each learner - regardless if 23 or 60 years old, 10 years of IT background or complete beginner - had so much fun with the whole learning process and showed improvements after only an incremental amount of time."

Lars Schramayer photo

Lars Schramayer

"I previously had little to do with the subject of data analysis. However, through the training I lost my reservation about data analysis tools and built up basic knowledge and skills in data management, which help me in my daily work."

Wibke Kantimm photo

Wiebke Kantimm

"I had a lot of fun in the Learning Journey and was able to learn many new things. I was so excited by the insights I gained in this new subject area, that I continued to explore the topics in more depth and will soon be starting a new job (internally) in this field."

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Michael Multoff

Configure a customized private program for your team

Rather looking for a private program for your team members only? Let us build a tailored edyoucated Program for your custom use cases – within just 4 weeks. Built by our Learning Experience Architects, and optionally including your company’s existing content.

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Program FAQs

Program Information

Who’s in the program with me?

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The program is cohort-based, so you will be matched with learners from many other companies that are working on their upskilling.

Is this program for beginners or experienced people?

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Both! All learning paths will be tailored to your experience levels and you can choose projects later on that match your expertise, and ideally, elevate it to new heights.

I am unsure about my experience level and what I should learn, can you help me?

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No worries, we will have 1-on-1 onboarding sessions and regular mentoring sessions with our learners to assess the relevant skill profile.

Do participants receive a certificate after program completion?

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Absolutely! All our successful participants receive a completion certificate after the program.

Do program participants get access to all learning paths on edyoucated?

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If they want to: yes, of course. We will onboard learners into the Programs learn space on edyoucated where we will only show relevant learning paths to the specific program. If the individual participants want to, we can share the rest of the learning paths (or only specific paths) only with him/her. It is also possible to book a company account and provide access to all learning paths there.

Does the name "Open Program" imply that company-specific meetings are not possible?

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Company-specific meetings are definitely possible, especially before and after the program. That is to see what solution is best for the learners. If a large number of employees from your company are interested in our programs, it is also possible to put together a private program specifically for your company. This way we can respond to your specific wishes, requirements and projects in the best possible way.

How much time do we need to give participating employees per week?

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During the learning phase, it would be about 3-5 hours a week for most programs. During the project phase, it depends on the learners/companies how relevant the project is, e.g. for a use case.

Who are the mentors?

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Our mentors include renowned industry experts, trainers as well as professionals from our own ranks. Thus, we ensure that your employees always have experienced people at their side to successfully complete the program and realize their full potential.

What makes the Open Programs so special?

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1. Personalized learning: Our skill building platform adapts learning paths to the skill set of each learner. 2. Cohort-based: Learners complete the programs together with a number of other learners from other companies. They are thus in frequent exchange about their experiences, etc. 3. Expert-led: The cohorts are accompanied by industry experts who set individual goals with the learners in mentoring discussions and support them on their way to the best possible learning success. 4. Guided projects & use cases: As capstone work, all participants work on a previously defined project. You can also bring real use cases from your company and solve them together with our experts. This enables the learners to immediately put the skills they have learned into practice.

What language will the programs be held in?

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Our programs are held in English by default. However, in case the entire cohort consists of German-speaking learners, we will of course hold all the live sessions in German.

Do we keep access to the learning paths after the program ends?

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Yes! It’s a yearly subscription that provides you with access to our entire learn space.


As an admin in the company, do I have any work to do?

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Not much. You need to provide us with the contact data of your learners so that we can onboard them into the program. Optionally: you can also make the access to the program available to your learners via your LMS. Talk to our sales team, if you’re interested.

What type of insights do we get as buyers?

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That depends on the structure of your company (workers council etc.) - but we can provide you as the buyer with insights about acquired skills, if that is in line with your company policy!

What programs are mandatory upfront to participate in the program?

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Nothing is needed in advance, only the company's infrastructure should allow the installation of the software tools that are needed. For example, if participants are not administrators on their own computers, the IT department in the company should install the required software.

Do participants need to block fixed times/appointments?

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Participants can study flexibly, but there will be a few appointments for the whole cohort.

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