Driving internal cloud strategies interactively and remotely

Digitalization has literally turned countless IT departments around the world upside down. And the end is still far from in sight.

To some, it may not seem so long ago that punch cards were still being used to store data and filled entire halls. Since then, the IT infrastructure of companies around the world has undergone numerous upgrades. In 2020, the next modernization step for Westdeutsche Lotterie GmbH & Co. KG was the introduction of a Cloud (hosted on internal servers). All this at a time when collaborative working and learning was hampered by a global pandemic. In order to prepare the technology change and train the staff in using the new system and associated operational processes, Westlotto collaborated with edyoucated on an innovative online training program.

Central to the program was the transfer of knowledge about newly deployed technologies, such as Docker or Kubernetes. At the end of the training program, participating employees should be able to actively participate in internal
decision-making processes.

Without the excellent guidance from the edyoucated team in the form of qualified mentors and the execution of several interactive, remote hackathons, we would not have been able to complete the training program in such a short time with such great results.
Frank Wallow
Head of IT

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