Driving end-to-end effective learning

Corporate learning made easy and effective. You tell us what digital skills you need and we find the best way to bring them to your organization.

How it works

You define your organization’s learning goals and we take care of the rest. We assess the current skill level of your workforce, build personalized curricula with the best available content and support all learners throughout the process. All done on the edyoucated platform.


Defining your learning goals.

Together with you we derive the skills your company needs. We believe the winners of tomorrow will be digital T-shaped organizations. Teams with a broad understanding in digital basics as well as digital experts in specific functions. With edyoucated, you can build both internally.


Assessing your skills.

On the edyoucated platform we assess the current skill level of the learner - of course anonymously. Every employee can then check their progress throughout the learning journey. Witness in realtime how your teams get ready for the digital future.


Designing personalized learning curricula.

The age of one-size-fits-all learning is over. That’s why edyoucated provides everyone with their own curriculum, specifically designed according to their level of knowledge and preferred learning style.


A learning program more effective than ever.

We care deeply about the learning progress of our users. That’s why we make sure that our learning programs are based on what actually delivers learning impact – data-driven and science-based. Our learning mentors take care of the rest and work with your employees throughout the journey.

the employee's learning journey


The employyes learns with the edyoucated platform.


The employee discusses current questions with his personal mentor.


Together with other employees the learner directly applies recent acquired knowledge in a project


The employees takes part in workshops teaching effective learning methods.

Our Impact

+ 60%

Increase in time spent learning


Higher online course completion rate


Avg. NPS of edyoucated learners

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