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Next generation skill-building platform

More than a LMS. More than a LXP. We're a skills-first, AI-powered, adaptive learning platform designed to build skills at scale.

Build skills at scale

Learning speed uptake than traditional LMS
Completion rate due to personalization
Return on investment [ROI]
Average user satisfaction rating

Your benefits with edyoucated

Transform skill-building from one-size-fits-all into personalized, engaging, and measurable learning experiences.

Strategic skill-building

Lay the foundation for your workforce development with the right skill infrastructure. From skill-based assessments to skill profiles, edyoucated puts skills at the center of your learning activities and enables you to connect skills to real business goals.

Measurable results

Measure skills instead of completed content and deliver business value. View skill profiles of learners, learn about required skills, track skill gaps and more.

Engaging and effective learning experiences

Empower learners to achieve desired learning goals without detours (and have fun doing it) with truly personalized learning paths, tailored to the prior knowledge, goals, and preferences of your learners.


The perfect solution for your use case

Deliver more engaging and effective learning experiences thanks to adaptive learning paths and interactive gamification features.

Learning experience graphic

Transform business strategies into effective upskilling journeys, personalized for each learner.

Create your own skill taxonomy with our AI powering your workforce development activities.

Browse our comprehensive library of world-class content hand-picked and curated by leading experts.

Design your own learning materials with minimal effort. Engaging and always up-to-date.

Gain valuable insights into your team's learning progress, shorten feedback cycles, and get results faster.

Integrated in your existing learning stack. Modular, effortlessly integrated, and easy to use.

Our partners

To empower people to build the skills of their future, we have built a strong ecosystem of partners.