Our vision

Learning makes us succeed. Learning fosters curiosity. Learning makes us open-minded. edyoucated exists to create a world with great learning organizations: a world in which the workforce is empowered to continuously adapt and to innovate in our digital age. A world in which we can reach our full potential - both personally and as entire organizations. And thus, we have assembled a team passionate to rethink how the workforce learns today.

We believe that the diversity of our learning needs isn’t the challenge. It’s the solution. And thus, we embrace it – through a personalized learning experience that’s focused on someone truly special: you.

Built by learning technology experts

With decades of collective experience, the edyoucated team has already proven themselves with building successful learning and technology organizations. As a group of former AI-engineers, strategy consultants, CTOs, and nonprofit leaders in the field of digital education, we blend the skills necessary to revolutionize learning technology for the good.

Our DNA and just our values

At edyoucated, we strive for impact and learning as a team. Our belief in the power of impactful work, diversity, and personal growth creates a fun and positive work culture. We let our core values guide our everyday choices.

Create lasting impact.

Creating great learning organizations together with our clients is our mission and our responsibility. We empower every single colleague to deliver on that mission. We embrace ownership and creativity.

Be courageous together.

We believe that standing together as a team enables us to tackle greater challenges. Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.

Be an edyoucator.

Everyone at edyoucated is a teacher. A teacher for our clients, a teacher for your colleagues. As teachers we support and motivate each other; we share our learning paths; we spark joy along the learning process; and we hold each other accountable for growth. The biggest reward for us is seeing other people learn.

Embrace the learner's mindset.

Each new day is an opportunity to show your best performance and to learn new things. And thus we are radically open-minded, with an innate curiosity and eagerness to learn. We look for mentors who constantly challenge us to grow, every single day.

Be an entrepreneur.

Everyone at edyoucated is an entrepreneur. We think about our mission holistically and use our individual strengths to constantly create opportunities to further increase our impact.