Our team

edyoucated is an early stage startup full of digital education enthusiasts. And that’s not something we only claim to be because it sounds cool. We deeply believe in the relevance of what we are doing here. That’s also why two of our founders started TechLabs a few years ago - a non-profit organization focusing on giving young people the opportunity to learn state-of-the-art tech skills. TechLabs is currently active in 8 different cities around the world teaching > 1.000 people how to code, only two years after its foundation. So we guess it’s almost safe to say, we live the passion for digital education every single day.

Built by learning technology experts

With decades of collective experience, the edyoucated team has already proven themselves with building successful learning and technology organizations. As a group of former AI-engineers, strategy consultants, CTOs, and nonprofit leaders in the field of digital education, we blend the skills necessary to revolutionize learning technology for the good.

Where we work on our journey ⚡️

Currently, we are based in Münster, Berlin, and Cologne. As a consequence we work remote-first (thanks Slack!) but not remote-only. But regardless whether you are going to join us in our office in Münster or in Berlin

→ be prepared for interesting stuff 🔥, an enormous learning curve 📈 and a hell lot of fun 🎉

Digital Hub Münsterland

In Münster our office is located directly at the local harbour. You always wanted to enjoy your morning coffee with a view over the water? Check ✅

Factory in Berlin Mitte

In Berlin we are currently working from the Factory: a vibrant community, many startups and a typical Berlin startup co-working atmosphere (including a table tennis table!) 🏓

What else do you need to know?

Pictures communicate best - right?

We like to believe that we are pretty fun people to be around - inside and outside the office.

And as we are a software company you'll realize that the hacker gene does shine through from time to time 👨‍💻

Sometimes we do like to speak at events about the things we are doing. 🎤

And sometimes we like to win stuff.🏆

So what do you say - are you in?

Check our open position pages for more details concerning your potential role within our company. And in case you still have any questions left - be it regarding an open position, our team, our vision or anything else: Give us a call! We’re always happy to talk.

Now it’s up to you to answer the remaining question yourself:

Are you ready to shape the future of digitial education?