Everything to build the skills you need today.

Launch a digital academy for your workforce with just a few clicks. Upgrade with mentored learning journeys for selected employees.


A full digital skill academy tailored to your business.

Launched in just a single day: A personalized online academy for all your teams.

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Ultimate impact boost:

An edyoucated learning journey with expert mentors.

Get market-leading success rates with our cohort-based journeys, including expert mentoring for your learners.

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Provide your team with state-of-the-art skills they can instantly apply in practice

edyoucated provides your team with a huge library of skills: Data Analytics, Agile Management, UX/UI Design, and many others. Pick the skills you need to launch your academy right away:

Personal learning plans adapting to your roles and skills in realtime

When you get started, just answer a few questions about your skills. The edyoucated personalization engine automatically determines the most effective learning plan for you. And the best thing: it learns over time and grows together with your skills. Welcome to a new age of learning.

Everything you need to boost your learning success today.

Learning Analytics
Boost your team engagement

Get powerful insights into your team’s learning progress. Make informed decisions about your team's learning & development.

Team learning plans
Create your custom playlists
Team-based gamification
Join a team and learn together

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