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January 31, 2022

Open Programs by edyoucated - Upskilling done right

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A short introduction to our Open Programs, the way they work and why you should be interested in signing up!

  • Open Programs combine personalized learning paths, collaborative live-sessions and expert mentoring in order to make acquiring new skills as efficient as possible
  • In just 15 weeks, learners will build the skills they need for the future in fields such as Data Analytics, customer centricity or remote productivity

Open Programs - What are they?

We have long been waiting, and now we are finally ready to present to you: edyoucated´s Open Programs.

But what exactly are the Open Programs, and what benefits do you receive from signing up yourself or your employees?

As you probably know, we at edyoucated are trying to help people reach their full potential. We have had great success in doing so when we launched private programs with our clients, who have reported a success rate of more than 95%!

But many companies who would have loved to participate in such a program told us they have only a few people at a time looking to embark on such a learning journey.

So, we made it now possible for every employee to participate: with our new Open Programs.

But what exactly does the Open Program hope to achieve?

Our shared goal is to build up the essential skills your company and employees need! Our Open Data Program, for example, helps you to turn internal data into powerful insights by learning how to collect, crunch, and visualize data for a range of use cases.

By now, you surely ask yourself: “What will an Open Program exactly look like?”

Let´s keep on using the example of the Open Data Program as an explanation: In the Open Data Program, the participants will learn about some of the most useful data skills and their corresponding tools, like SQL, Python and PowerBI, with a small investment of just 5 hours per week.

“Programming is a skill best acquired by practice and example rather than from books.” - Alan Turing

Your learners are constantly accompanied by subject matter experts (e.g. Data Scientists) as well as Learning experts. Take our Open Data Analysis & Visualization Program for example, where leading researchers, learning experts and consultants support the learning outcomes of your employees.

The first 3-4 months will be guided by these experts and will allow the learners to first understand the foundations and then use the knowledge gained to work on their own projects.

Before and after the program, there will be one-on-one counseling sessions with our experts to plan the current and future learning journey. This way, we ensure that personalized learning on our platform is accompanied by personalized upskilling counseling.

For the remainder of the year, the learners will be able to freely use the edyoucated platform and expand their skill set even further. Our team always provides new ideas and learning paths even after the initial program has ended.

Another huge benefit of the Open Programs?

Because it is an OPEN program, your employees won’t be by themselves, but with people from other companies who share similar goals! So, you will not only significantly boost the skills needed in your company, but your employees might be able to connect to others who think alike.

One important notice: Because our Open Programs are about building the essential skills, the programs are going to work best for beginners and intermediates!

Open Programs - Why you should care about them

But why would you want to upskill your employees at all?

Let´s go back to the lovely example of our Open Data program, but this time with the focus on possible outcomes of building new skills:

Developing new Data skills, which will be taught in our Open Data Program, is so important because of the many known and unknown applications they have. With use cases like:

  • Predicting churn
  • Increasing customer value
  • Growth hacking (which translates to using data for marketing and sales experimentations)
  • Demand Planning
  • Price optimization

and many more, data skills allow your company to gain valuable insights that can be used to improve almost every area of your company!

Interested in some actual numbers?

A recent study showed that companies could decrease the costs in many areas like workforce planning, bad debt management, predictive maintenance, and supply chain optimization by 10 to 50%. The same study claims that when gathered data is used to personalize marketing campaigns, conversion rates increase by more than 100%!

And those improvements are possible just by upskilling your employee´s data skills. Just imagine the wide variety of benefits that are available when you are building more skills across your whole company with some of our other Open Programs.

Open Programs - How we ensure to build the skills needed

When taking part in the Open Programs, you give your employees the chance to take the best out of two worlds, maximizing the chance to actually build the skills needed.

First, a learning path that is personalized for every single learner, with respect to their prior skills and knowledge, allows them to learn at an individual level, making the experience a lot more joyful since the content actually fits the learner’s exact needs.

Second, the expert gives the learners the chance to ask questions whenever problems arise and be part of a group that achieves success in learning new skills together; the expert also ensures that everyone will reach the priorly defined goals of the program.

The combination of the two, learning, tailored exactly to your needs and a mentor that is there to help if anything is unclear, is the reason why the Open Programs are such a valuable experience for everyone involved.

All the material used has been carefully curated by our experts. But to make sure that the learnings of the participants are maximized, our own content, created by the edyoucated experts, has also been added to the collection. Real-life projects that facilitate the transfer of knowledge so that the acquired skills can directly be applied in the “real-world” supplement the learning journey.And if that is not enough to saturate your eagerness to learn, we still have our experts, who are open to help if it gets any more advanced!

Open Programs - What you should do

If you are interested in learning more about our Open Programs, just go ahead and schedule a meeting with one of our colleagues right here. Together we can discuss possible use cases in your company and talk about any questions you have left.

But we have to warn you:

In the past, our private programs have sold out in days, so better be quick!

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