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September 25, 2020

Meet Tobias

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Meet Tobias - 23 - Intern Business Development - The Generalist

Today we would like you to meet Tobias Boldizsar, currently the newest member of our team. With prior experience in the startup world and being passionate about sharing knowledge and educating students, an initiative he recently co-founded, we are proud to have him as a part of our Business Development team!

Curious to find out how he perceives the team culture at edyoucated and what a typical day looks like as an intern in Business Development? We’d suggest you scroll down 😉

Hi Tobi!

Thanks for taking the time :)

We would like people to get a better understanding of “life” at edyoucated and the faces behind the curtain. So - what should we know about you?

Hi everyone! Thank you for having me! 😎

I’m Tobi, born and raised in Cologne. I’m currently in the last semester of my business studies at the WWU Münster and support edyoucated as an intern in the field of Business Development.

I imagine myself to be a delightful and optimistic person. This is partly due to my ground-of-positive attitude, my friends, and also my free-time activities. Since I was a kid, I have fed my hunger for activity with many different sports, even though I was committed to athletics for almost a decade. Thus, I still enjoy going on the track sometimes. Generally, I’d describe myself 100% as a generalist rather than being a specialist. This is why I love to connect different fields of interest to gain new insights and try something new. My interest in trying new things can also be transferred to people and cultures. Next to my fantastic semester spent in Sweden, I have a lot of affection for France. As I also have french friends, I am currently making some efforts to enhance my language skills. I’m interested in many things, but the global stock market and other finance-related topics caught my attention early. For this reason, I co-founded the non-profit startup muenster.invest in late 2019. Our centerpiece is the administration and management of a student-run real money fund that is currently in the foundation process. We offer students the unique opportunity to expand their theoretical knowledge while simultaneously gaining hands-on corporate finance experience.

How did you get here? What did your road to edyoucated look like?

My journey to edyoucated was slightly different from those of my teammates. I knew David and Marius from the student consultancy “move”. I, therefore, followed their journey as startup founders and became curious about TechLabs and edyoucated.

I was interested in entrepreneurship and digitalization from being a working student at a fintech startup and ultimately co-founding muenster.invest. With those experiences, I noticed a massive lack of digital education, especially in large and traditional corporations, and became passionate about upskilling my fellow students in finance topics. Consequently, when I noticed that edyoucated was hiring, I felt this was the right step to combine my interests and experiences.

Can you tell everyone what your role within the team is? What are some of your responsibilities?

On paper, I’m an intern in the field of Business Development. But to be honest, it doesn’t feel like being an intern at all. From the beginning, I felt like I was part of the team, just like anyone else.

I value most that my tasks are closely tailored to my skills and interests, allowing me to work on impactful topics that I care about. Generally, in Business Development, we focus on scalability, especially sales and marketing related questions. My primary field of interest is on the sales side. I personally am currently in charge of two projects aiming to out-scale underlying network effects in different ways. Basically, one could say that my field of responsibility includes the many aspects regarding the demand-side of our product. As edyoucated builds on a highly innovative environment and fast-past culture, I also see it as my responsibility to question the existing structures, processes, and strategies. I particularly enjoy ideation, and the conceptual aspects that are part of my job.

Tobi in Norway
Tobi in Norway

Can you shed a bit of light into how a typical workday look like for you?

Honestly, there is no typical workday at edyoucated. The only constants are our weekly and daily planning and update calls. 😄

Since I live in Münster, my workday either starts in our office directly at the local harbor or remotely at home. Because we plan all tasks in weekly sprints, I can schedule my responsibilities to match my pikes of concentration. Therefore, I usually start my day with the most challenging part, which requires the greatest attention and tend to more creative tasks around lunchtime.

As mentioned before, the exchange between my teammates takes an essential part of my day. So, when I’m not working on my own tasks, our Daily Stand-Ups unite the whole edyoucated team and discuss what everyone is currently dealing with. We also get together individually or in small groups to discuss ideas and get feedback.

Actually, you are the newest member of our team at edyoucated. How would you describe the team culture you experienced in your first couple of weeks?

I like this question a lot since I recently had a talk about this topic with Marcus, Julian, and Jannik. We initially discussed the implications of working entirely remotely. It is actually harder to build a corporate culture since there are no random encounters among the employees anymore.

However, at edyoucated, I really appreciate the open atmosphere and team spirit, even though our team is spread across several cities. I firmly believe that culture doesn’t build on physical appearance but mostly on everyone’s attitude and character. Although I’ve only been part of the team for not even a full month, I feel that everybody embodies similar values like open-mindedness, efficiency, and fun at work.

Also, I love the organized team socials regardless of them taking place mostly remotely due to our physical distance. To be honest, I was pretty skeptical if online socializing events can be fun. Still, it turned out that I was mistaken. The online game scribble is a must-have in every session by challenging not only drawing skills but also our capability to think in an abstract way to simplify. Plus, it’s always great fun. 🙌🏼

Since we are a company focusing on the personalization of learning - we know that you are currently learning French. Can you share your favorite learning methods or any best practices in your personal learning habits?

When refreshing my french, I vigorously pursue the learning-by-doing approach. I try to engage myself with the language frequently, for example, by switching my phone’s language, reading french news, or listening to french music. Luckily, I also have friends in France, and I keep forcing myself not to communicate with them in English.

When learning a language or aiming to do so, I recommend creating many small situations in your daily routine that oblige you to deal with it. After a while, it becomes a habit, and one continually learns passively without overwhelming oneself.🚀

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